Bar for weight loss or how 2 minutes a day to lose weight

Idea in just 2-5 minutes a day you can not only come form, but also to strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and thighs. Unbelievable, but true! Regular exercise will give you a great result, the buttocks will be more shapely and toned. Many people think that it's just a promise as you can for 5 minutes a day to lose weight, and still grind out literally the body? In order to understand everything, you need to understand the essence of the exercise.

And in fact, plank – this is a static exercise, which aims to keep the tension of the abdominal muscles, arms, thighs and buttocks. It really is effective. And do not think that it is very easy. Yes, technically nothing seen. No need to jump, run in a special way. Nothing but desire, your body and sex is not required. The meaning of the exercise is that the arms and toes resting on the floor, and the body seemed to be hanging over him. It is necessary to observe the correct technique, instead of burning fat not to get injured. We'll talk about that next.

Exercise plank: what are the advantages?

  • You will not only bring your body in tone, but will achieve significant results in weight loss. Due to the large voltage that is generated in the muscles during class, improves the metabolism, which undoubtedly results in loss of body fat.
  • As I said above, the bar perfectly strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and legs. Pumping are subjected to external, internal and transverse muscle of the press, the muscles of the front of the legs, spine, buttocks.
  • This is an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease. The risk of disease was lower in those who regularly perform the bar.
  • Improved posture is due to the same strengthen back muscles.
  • During class involves the muscles of the thighs, and this is a problem area for many women. Hated by many women cellulite most often makes itself felt in this area of the body. Therefore, such exercise is another effective way to combat orange peel.
  • The rhythm of life does not allow many people to waste time in gyms and sports under the supervision of coaches. Bar for weight loss is a good opportunity to freshen up at home, while spending a minimum of time and equipment that you do not even need. Spent 2-5 minutes a day will bring guaranteed results.
Cons exercise “Planck diet”

Disadvantages of this form of exercise does not actually exist. The only thing to note, pain in the muscles and body after the first lesson. But this applies to any sport, if a person is just starting to get acquainted with physical activity. Regular exercise, warm baths and massage will solve this problem.

How to do the plank exercise. Rookie mistakes

In order for exercise to be effective, the body come in tone, and the extra pounds went, you can follow the classes according to certain rules. Not many, but, nevertheless, they are very important. The lack of results can be attributed only to a wrong technique, so be sure to pay attention to it.

  1. Remember, during exercise, keep your body straight. The buttocks must be tense, stomach tense, hips don't dip or lift. Legs, butt and back should be on one line. If you are even slightly weaken one of the body parts, it all goes downhill the hips to bend back too.
  2. Feet during lessons, pull, bend.
  3. Keep your head in line with body.
  4. If you run the bar on his outstretched hands, the hands should be under shoulders and shoulder width apart. Thus, you need to protect yourself from injury.
  5. If you have just started to learn static exercises, take your time and aim to perform beyond the norm . Begin performing each exercise with 15 seconds, gradually, day by day, increasing the time. Thus, your body will gradually get used to the loads.

Bar for weight loss

More than once I have said that the bar is a great opportunity to get rid of belly and bring your weight to normal. Despite the fact that this type of physical activity is highly effective and efficient and achieve the goal, you can not, unless you follow a few rules. They primarily supply. Indeed, in the case of gluttony, of eating cakes and pies at night or before bedtime, Hobbies, soda and chips, no effective sports activities will not help.

It is important to understand that, first of all, you need to take care of the quality of their food.

  • First, always eat Breakfast.
  • Second, drink more water.
  • Thirdly, eat 5-6 times a day small meals 200-250 ml.
  • Fourth, do not eat 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Fifth, cook food at home, food is not the best option for weight loss because of the huge amount of calories, additives, and fat. Instead of the sparkling water, cook the compote, jelly, instead of hamburgers, prepare sandwiches, useful and so on.
  • Here are some simple rules along with the statics will help you in the fight against excess weights will also strengthen your health.

    The types of straps

    There are several types of strap. What to choose, you decide, but consider the degree of your physical fitness. Beginners are best to start with the classic version.

    The classic version
    • To do this, lie on your stomach.
    • Bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and observe the emphasis on the elbows. They must be floor shoulders.
    • Legs a little apart and push the tip of the foot.
    • The head, back and legs in one line.
    • Tighten your buttocks and tighten your abdominal muscles.

    For beginners this kind of exercise is considered the most light than others. Therefore, I advise to start to try to perform the classic bar.

    Plank on straight arms
    • Lie on your stomach.
    • Extend your arms so that your wrists and hand formed a straight angle.
    • The wrists are under the shoulders at a distance of their width. Heel slightly raised.
    • In any case, not bowing. Keep the body straight, straining buttocks and belly.
    Side plank

    This exercise is considered to be difficult, as the support goes only 2 points. Here, in addition to strength and endurance still need to keep the balance that will be difficult for inexperienced.

    • Lie on your right side.
    • Elbow set so that it is below the shoulder.
    • Pull your legs and join them together.
    • His free hand lay on the thigh or lift up.
    Strap on the back

    Another kind of exercise, which, judging by the reviews, great fights cellulite and excess weight in the lower body. Well, if you want to pull the ass, that sort of thing perfectly cope with this task.

    • Lie on your back.
    • When you rise and place your hands so that your wrists are under the shoulders.
    • Press your heels and legs pull forward.
    • Hips don't dip and try to keep them on a straight line with the legs.
    • But if you want to pump up the calf, it is not necessary to pull forward socks.
    Complicated strap

    Each of the previous types of exercises can be more difficult, thus get more stress on the body. This option is ideal for already trained individuals, who do not one day sports.

    Plank exercise for weight loss1

    The training program “Bar for weight loss”

    So, now you know how to perform the exercise without any mistakes and get maximum results. I'm sure that they will bring health benefits and will play a huge role in losing weight. But it remains the last but not the least important issue concerning the training programs. It is very important to find the right mode and amount of exercise.

    For example, if an inexperienced person will begin to engage immediately with 1 minute, but the next day it fail since the muscles will hurt and no repetition of exercises will not.

    Therefore, I offer a program of classes suitable for beginners. Its essence is to bring the total exercise for the month to 5 minutes. And you need to start small, with only 20 seconds. Day after day, class time will increase, the body will gradually get used to the loads.

    The type of strap, as I said, you can start with classical, then move on to more complex exercises, for example, to combine them together. Thus, classes will be more varied and more efficient.