Exercises for leg slimming

The most effective way to reduce the amount of calf muscle, smooth skin and tighten thighs and buttocks, is the regular performance of a complex of exercises for these body parts. To improve the General muscle tone of the legs contribute to both static and various dynamic exercises.

Why the slimming process goes much faster if you actively play sports? The answer is simple. Due to exercise the blood rushes to the muscles targeted by the load. Acceleration of blood flow helps to activate all metabolic processes in the body. The faster the metabolism in losing weight, the more effective it gets rid of the extra pounds. We should not ignore the fact that strong healthy muscle fibers consume much more energy than fat tissue. That is why regular exercise is important not only for gradual weight loss, but also for maintaining good form throughout your life.

In addition, during exercise the body spends a large amount of energy. You know that to lose weight you must burn more calories than consumption. With additional physical load, this balance will be easier to observe, and therefore the weight loss process will go faster.

In addition to the training you need to adhere to proper nutrition. This will allow faster to achieve the desired result.

The basic rules of performance of exercises for the legs

  1. Training should consist of power and aerobic exercise. Because of this feet will decrease in volume and acquire a beautiful shape. Power loading will provide significant relief, lower body, and by increasing the muscle fibers of the daily energy consumption of a person will increase and it will lose weight quicker. Aerobic exercise helps to reduce subcutaneous fat and a gradual decrease in the feet.
  2. In any case it is impossible to do on an empty stomach. Such a method would rather burn muscle than fat. It is best to go slightly hungry, but not on an empty stomach.
  3. During exercise you should drink as much water as you need to quench your thirst. Too drinking plenty of fluids during exercise will prevent a comfortable occupation. If you consume enough water, dehydration and poor health you provided.
  4. Exercise should be regular and intensive. This means that to achieve the desired result, you should practice at least twice a week. In addition, the training tempo is always high. The rest between exercises should not exceed minutes.
  5. Before the start of classes you need to carefully examine the technique of doing exercises, to avoid unpleasant consequences, injuries and sprains.
  6. To do better in clothing made from natural fabrics. Cotton and viscose will allow the skin to breathe freely during exercise, and the lesson will be for you as comfortable as possible.

Exercises for leg slimming

There are plenty of leg exercises, but not all of them are aimed at weight loss. Before the training it is necessary to study the most effective methods for home and hall. Because of this you will definitely get the desired result and will be satisfied with your form.

Exercises for legs at home

Leg workout at home based on the most simple exercises to reduce hips. This training can be done by your own without using special equipment. The number of sets and reps depends entirely on your training.

Exercises for thighs

  1. Better to start with squats. Stand up straight, hands on waist. Squat slowly, and then push the body up due to the strong contraction of the gluteal muscles. The heel is not off the floor.
  2. Next, you need to do a plie. Stand up straight, knees unfolded from each other. Sit as deeply as possible. You must then return to its original position by reducing the gluteal muscles.
  3. The next exercise is called "Sumo". Rise directly, socks is aimed in the opposite direction, hands on waist. Must be carefully and slowly sit down, the back should be straight.
  4. Will continue training lunges. Stand up straight, hands on hips. The right leg need to step back, touching the knee of the floor. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  5. The following exercise will be leg swings. Stand up straight, hands on waist. Right foot, you need to sharply push to the left, then take its original position. Repeat with the left leg.
  6. Excellent aerobic exercise will be jumping rope. Every day at the end of the basic training you need to jump on the rope 100-150 times. You can further increase the load.
  7. Another effective exercise is jumping from the squat. Stand up straight, back straight, arms in a free position. You need to take the hands back, at the same time and goes into a deep Crouch. Then push the body up by tension in the muscles back of the thigh.
  8. A good exercise for the gluteal muscles — "Dog". Starting position on all fours. Right leg back, then lower it to the floor. To perform the exercise slowly to feel the work the gluteal muscles. If the exercise is easy, then it makes sense to use heavier weight in 2, 3 or 5 pounds, depending on level of training. Another option is to take the leg out to the side, not back.

Exercises for the calf

  1. With your feet together. Need to get up on your toes as high as possible, and then slowly drop your heels on the floor. This is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for calf muscles.
  2. The volume of the calf can best reduce the stretching exercises. You need to sit on the floor, legs spread as widely as possible with the level of training. Hands should be extended in front of you and try to touch them to the floor. Once that happens, you need to try to lower your elbows to the floor to increase the tension of the muscles. Stretch need to as long as my legs do not feel overly strong tension.
Exercises for leg slimming1

Exercises for the knees

  1. Need to get close to the wall so that you can reach her outstretched leg. We need to raise the right leg so high that she rested against the wall under an angle of 90 degrees. You must then bend and extend the knee until tension in this area. Repeat the exercise with the left leg.
  2. To transfer body weight on the right leg, then lift your left leg and make a few circular motions in the knee joint. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercise for legs in gym

Of course, in the gym, more opportunities to perform a variety of exercises. However, some of them aimed solely at the increase in muscle mass. If you aim to lose weight in the legs, you need to carefully study the effective for this exercise in the gym before you start classes.

Exercises for thighs

  1. Raising the legs to the side. In the hall is a training ground in the sitting position to the maximum spread his legs out to the sides. You need to put a little weight and perform the exercise slowly. Dilute legs apart and then bring them together. Exercise makes feel strong tension inner thigh and gluteal muscles.
  2. Lunges in Smith. No need to use additional weight if your goal is weight loss. The weight of the rod in the simulator Smith is enough to feel the right load. Stand up straight, the neck is on the shoulders. Need to sit down, placing one foot back and to the side, and then return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.
  3. Squats on the vibrating platform. This machine greatly enhances the effect of conventional squats. You need to get up on the platform and include it. Then carefully, holding the balance, to perform the classic deep squats, and back to the starting position.
  4. Dead lift. Stand up straight, back straight. Need to get my arms around the empty neck and gently straighten up with him. Now you need to slowly lower the barbell to the floor, but not to put it on him. During the exercise the knees are slightly bent and the buttocks are pulled back. Need to control the level position of the back and shoulders.
  5. A leg press. There is no need to install the simulator on a lot of weight. Then this exercise will contribute to weight loss, and not muscle. Original position as shown in the simulator: need to lie down straight, arms along the body. You need to put your feet on the platform and start to slowly push her away. Push the platform heels better, not the whole foot. Because of this, the emphasis of the exercise will be done to work through the buttocks. You must do everything as slow in order to better feel the muscle work.

In addition to strength exercises for weight loss in thighs perfect intense walking on a treadmill, an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. Thanks to aerobic exercise the weight loss process go even faster.

Exercises for the calf

  1. Rise on socks standing in the simulator Smith. Stand straight with the barbell on the shoulders. You need to slowly rise on the toes, while trying to stretch higher. Then return to the starting position.
  2. Lifting on socks while sitting with a barbell. Starting position is sitting on the bench. The rod must be put just above the knees. The weight and length of neck need to choose depending on fitness. Carefully tear off heels from a floor lock for a few seconds at the highest point and to return to its original position.

Exercises for the knees

  1. Lunges forward with the rod. Stand up straight, the neck on the shoulders. You need to take a step forward while bending both knees. Body to keep straight, to avoid unnecessary load on the knee joints. To return to the starting position and perform the exercise with the other leg.
  2. Lunges toward the post. Stand straight with the barbell on the shoulders. You need to lunge to the side. The back is straight. One leg should be completely straight, and the second bent at the knee.

Lunges make my knees give them a neat look and eliminates the "fat pouch" above the knee-joint. No need to use extra weight. If you want to lose weight, then leave the fretboard blank.

Exercises for leg slimming2


Exercises for the legs have their contraindications. Before starting the lesson, you will need to read them carefully.

In the first phase of exercises for leg slimming is not recommended for people who recently had surgery. Of course, the benefits of these sessions during the rehabilitation period will be small. Varicose veins are not authorized to perform exercises for legs, as any intense exercise is prohibited in this disease. In addition, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and joint problems are also contraindications for this type of load.

Pregnant women can engage in such exercises, but selectively. For example, plie, stretching, and lifting on socks without the additional weight will help keep your muscles toned feet throughout pregnancy.

In General, exercise for weight loss legs are very effective for weight loss. If you study technique and to follow her, the likelihood of injury and sprains is reduced to zero. It is also necessary to consider the contraindications and consult with the coach before you start lessons. It should be remembered that aerobic exercises should be performed as intensively, and the power slowly and thoughtfully. Following these simple guidelines, you can achieve a good result with the help of exercises for leg slimming.