How many calories are consumed a day to lose weight. How to count calories to lose weight

Many may think that it's too hard and this way of losing weight is definitely not for them. First, of course, is unusual. Because you need to know the weight of each bit of food, to consider each calorie eaten piece of bread, constantly to keep a food diary. But then this way of eating will become a habit and you will be able to easily tell how many calories are in a bowl of soup.

How to count calories to lose weight. What is calories

What is a calorie? This word is a modern one hears everywhere. Any product in the store is on the label information on calories contained in it. Despite the fact that most people use that word in relation to food, calories have a much greater meaning.

  • calorie is a unit of energy that is needed to heat 1 gram of water by 1 degree;
  • the amount of energy in food is calories.
  • 1000 calories equal 1 kilocalorie;
  • the word "calorie" applies not only to food but also to anything that contains energy.
How many calories do you need per day to lose weight1

Norm of calories per day for women

Depending on the nature of life we distinguish the following groups among women:

  • women with a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to eat 2000 calories women aged 19 to 25 years old 1800 calories from 26 to 50 years, 1,600 calories for women over 50 years old.
  • women with a moderately active lifestyle. It is recommended to consume 2200 calories women aged 19 to 25 years old 2200 calories from 25 to 50 years, 1800 calories — women over 50 years old.
  • women with an active lifestyle. It is recommended to consume 2400 calories for women ages 19 to 30 years old 2200 calories — from 31 to 60 years, 2000 — women older than 60 years.

Norm of calories per day for men

  • Men with a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended to consume 2400 calories men aged 19 to 30 years old, 2,200 calories — from 31 to 50 years old 2000 calories males older than 50 years.
  • Men with moderately active lifestyles. It is recommended to consume 2600-2800 calories men aged 19 to 30 years, 2400-2600 — from 31 to 50 years, 2200-2400 calories men over 51 years.
  • A man with an active lifestyle. It is recommended to eat 3000 calories for men aged 19 to 30 years, 2800-3000 — from 31 to 50 years, 2400-2800 men over 50 years.

How to count calories to lose weight

Weight loss with a daily method of counting calories is the only scientifically based weight loss method. In order to lose 1 kg, you have to burn 7700 calories. In order to lose weight it is impractical to only cut diet. You should increase your physical activity. So, the quicker you accelerate the metabolism, and pounds will start to go faster. How to calculate how many calories need to eat to lose weight? Modern nutritionists make the following recommendations:

  • if you have a little extra weight and, moreover, at least 3 times a week do you devote time to training, then you can simply subtract 10% of calories from the daily requirement for a healthy person. It would be ideal to gradually drop those extra pounds and not to make the body stress;
  • if you have a little extra weight and you're not doing exercises, you should subtract 20% of calories from the daily requirement for a healthy person. Ie you have to eat per day is 20% less than you are supposed to it would be if you didn't want to lose;
  • if you're obese, then you need to cut daily calorie intake by 40%. Usually, people with such a large overweight can't do sports training in accordance with medical contraindications. But for yb[ always available walking and light exercises.

This "diet" is very easy to carry, since there are no strict limits in the products. You can slightly change the amount of calories consumed within weeks. For example, in some of the days to increase the number of calories per day is 10-20%. But then during the week to arrange a fasting day, reducing the number of calories by 40%. There is also a more accurate formula calorie counting for weight loss. This formula is based on data of height, weight, age, lifestyle. Based on this method of counting calories for a single person are individually designed program of diet, modern nutritionists. This is the formula Mifflin-San Giora.

Recommendations for calorie counting for weight loss

  1. In the process of calculating the ideal amount of calories for your weight loss on the formula proposed above, it is important to adequately assess the nature of your physical activity. According to statistics, many people overestimate their "sporting success" during the week. Someone makes a really intense workout 5 times a week and sets a coefficient of 1.55, and someone lifts weights 2 kg and makes a little run, and also set himself a factor 1.55. Remember that it is better to slightly underestimate the nature of their training than to overestimate.
  2. Be sure to weigh your servings. Some people have correctly calculated the amount of calories in 100g portions, but relying on your "good eye, put a much larger volume portion, and then complain that the system of losing weight by counting calories doesn't work.
  3. Counting calories during the day — it's hard work. Don't forget to add to the total number of calories per day of calories contained in mayonnaise, juice with sugar, coffee with sugar, etc .

How many calories are consumed a day to lose weight. How to distribute calories during the day

Modern recommendations of nutritionists for weight loss a lot of attention is paid to the distribution of calories throughout the day. How many hours need to arrange meals? How many are there in a day to lose weight? Or it doesn't matter, you can eat all you put 1700 calories in one meal? Here's what dietitians suggest:

  • it is recommended to arrange about 5-6 meals per day;
  • the interval between meals should be at least 2-3 hours;
  • if by virtue of your employment you are unable to eat fractional and frequent meals, it can be quite a comfortable eating schedule. Importantly, the calorie count does not exceed given you the rules;
  • it is better that the caloric content of foods per day was used in the 1st half of the day;
  • in the evening give preference to the most "lightest" calorie foods from your daily diet.
  • How many calories are consumed a day to lose weight.

    Many people who are only going to start losing weight using the calorie counting, afraid of the complexity of the process. Perhaps the sight of you pop up endless tables of calories. To lose weight currently, in these tables there is no need, no need to constantly check with her to count in a column of calorie, a long look in the list the product that you need. Today everything is much simpler. Among the most popular methods of calorie counting include:

    • try to cook food for the time ahead with a margin. For example, for 4 days a week. All cooked meals in advance, weigh, place into containers, and stick the stickers with information about the number of calories in this serving. ;
    • to ease the process of counting calories in a particular dish, use modern applications for mobile phones. There are a huge variety. Some of them are a whole food journal, summarize how much you have consumed calories per day, for two, etc.;
    • look also for a variety of smart kitchen scales. Some models can sync with a mobile phone and with a specially installed program can easily determine the calories in a particular dish;
    • try to avoid "complex" dishes from a large number of components. Select some simple options, which will be easier to count calories. Thus, errors in the counting of calories will be minimal.

    How to calculate calories in a complicated dish to lose weight

    For the exact calorie count in a dish you need to consider the calorie content of each ingredient of this dish. Of course, the smaller the components in the dish, the easier becomes the process of counting calories. And how to find, if the dish is difficult? In the cooking process you need to weigh every product that you put in the pot, for example, and summed with the other products. In this simple way, you can easily calculate the calorie pasties, patties, pickle, etc. don't forget to consider oil, where are you going to fry. Spices, tea, coffee do not affect the total caloric intake.

    How many calories do you need per day to lose weight2

    Eating calories to lose weight. Is it possible to reduce the daily intake of calories without counting them

    If you still doubt that it will be able to conduct such a detailed calorie count, you can try to lose weight, not counting them. It is quite possible,

    • will reduce to the minimum the intake of fatty foods, sugar, white flour products. Due to this, the caloric content of your daily diet may be reduced by 20%;
    • make your meals small. Eat little but often. So, you will seek to reduce daily calorie intake by another 5-10%

    Advantages weight loss by method of calorie counting

    Perhaps after reading the main advantages of this method of weight loss as counting calories, you will throw all your doubts. If you still have doubts, read about the advantages of this method, which confirmed the majority of nutritionists and a huge number of women who lost weight thus:

    • first, you don't need to give up some products. Restrictions dietary diversity no. You can have all the things you ate before, just to fit in your daily intake of calories. Of course, the consumption of "bad" foods will be reduced, but you are not forced to eliminate them altogether. Love chocolate? Great. Simply enter the calories from the 2-cubes in your diet;
    • secondly, you can as before continue to visit your favorite café. Almost all institutions prescribed in the menu structure of the dish and its calorie content. This is a huge psychological plus for weight loss;
    • thirdly, once having mastered the skill of counting calories, you would bring it but this automatism that will subconsciously continue to count calories "in the mind", even when the weight loss. This means that you will not gain weight after diet, proper diet within a daily calorie dishes will become your way of life. You will know how to eat every day to lose weight.

    Cons weight loss by method of calorie counting

    • Opponents of the method of counting calories put forward the theory of weight loss based on reducing calorie intake and proper ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Some nutritionists believe that extra pounds come to us not because of overeating but because of the wrong ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And it would be logical not to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, for example, and not to exclude them from the diet or to bring to an acceptable minimum.
    • Even some opponents of calorie counting I propose to learn to distinguish between sensations of hunger and appetite. Accordingly, you need to eat only when you feel really hungry. A sense of appetite need to learn to control and suppress. The main drawback of the system weight loss by method of calorie counting is that you do not "listen" to your body.
    • Some nutritionists suggest another alternative to calorie counting — a reference not to the calorie content of food and its volume. Most often, they propose to compare the volume of the portions with any reference point: the fist, a hand, a Cup, small plate, etc. According to them, you will be able to avoid the constant mathematical calculations, but keep low calorie daily diet and granularity of power.
    How many calories do you need per day to lose weight3

    System of weight loss based on daily calorie counting is not new to nutrition. The method was invented in the 20s of the last century. Stick to this method or not is only your decision. But definitely worth a try if you want to achieve lasting results in losing weight, relieving your body from stress. Smooth and naturally, proper weight loss in normalizing daily calories is proven and tested by many people. Success in losing weight!