How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg

Together we will explore a more radical means of losing weight. Learn how within just one to two weeks (or less) to get rid of five pounds of weight.

It is not surprising. It is possible! If you are seriously decided to do this, then nothing will be an obstacle. Fortunately, for such purpose there are many ways. We to you with pleasure will tell.

You have no willpower? Patience then just one week

Bet on strict adherence to the small list of basic rules. You have to choose a certain type of diet, and even convinced that it will bring you positive result.

Compliance with the rules

However, this is only the beginning of serious work on yourself. You should strictly follow all the rules and features of the selected method of supply. The success lies in keeping even the smallest detail. If you miss them, then your form in the mirror, even a few weeks is unlikely to please you.

Note these important features for any fast weight loss system:

  1. Do not consume any food for four hours before a night's rest.
  2. Completely abandon fried, starchy and fatty foods, sweets, any semi-finished products, canned, chips.
  3. Do not consume drinks containing sugar, and also all kinds of soda.
  4. Strictly control the process of weight loss. Every morning, make sure that your efforts are not in vain. Note how much lower your weight, monitor trends, in order to have a clear and compelling incentive. This check should be carried out only once per day. But do not turn a conventional control mania.
  5. Drink at least two litres of boiled water per day.
  6. Every time you consume food in limited quantities.
  7. Pay special attention to the careful and slow chewing.
  8. Only respond to the physiological, not psychological hunger (the signal is received from the stomach).
  9. Make a number of important vitamins (to facilitate a sharp decline in body weight).

If you will strictly comply with the above rules necessary for quick weight reduction, then this is sufficient to ensure that in the short time to reach the required parameters for their growth.

Fruit and vegetable weight loss program for the week. Minus five kg in seven days

Week program diet is simple and accessible to all who treat it with due seriousness.

Morning meal

As soon as you got out of bed, drink a glass of lemonade, hand-made by you (squeezed the juice of several limes, mix with 250 ml of plain water). Breakfast should be only half an hour after that. In any case, do not use in the morning, the sugar or its derivatives.

Breakfast best salads of fruits. Best choice – apples, pears, citrus.

How to cook fruit salad?

  1. Choose three or four kinds of fresh fruit.
  2. Cut them in rings or cubes.
  3. Pour yogurt weak fat.

The main condition of the Breakfast – all ingredients must be natural.

Dining products

For diet lunch are good fresh vegetables, except potatoes from which to prepare salad. The second condition is to refrain from salt.

Than salad?

The best vegetable oil for the salad – olive oil, to which you can add lemon juice. For lunch you have enough of one plate of salad with fresh chopped vegetables.

Drinking after meals recommended fat-free yogurt (one Cup). During the day allowed to eat three cups of yogurt of 250 ml.

The evening meal

Important. Prescribed dinner 18: 00 or even earlier, but in any case not later than.

For an evening suit a variety of fruit salads.

As a drink – any kind of green tea. Sugar is taboo.

Be sure that strict mode fruit and vegetable supply will give a great result. Of course, if you survived all seven days and allow himself to relax.

Right out of the diet

Pay attention to the correct exit from the process of losing weight through this diet. The transition should be smooth and gentle.

Next week you will have to use all the same fruits and vegetables, but with the gradual inclusion in the diet but lean boiled meat. A week later, you can use all the usual products for you.

Miracle diet with buckwheat. Weight loss of five kilograms in just seven days

If you chose as dietary buckwheat, we are happy to welcome your choice. It is, undoubtedly, a great option fast and effective weight loss 5 pounds and more in just one week.

Why buckwheat?

Buckwheat culture promotes the process of cleansing the body. By getting rid of toxins and excess fats is weight loss. The advantage of buckwheat is its satiety – you don't have to deal with a constant feeling of hunger.

How to prepare a dietary product?
  1. Rinse thoroughly with seed.
  2. To remove the husk .
  3. To prepare the boiled water.
  4. Pour the cereal with boiling water (proportion – one Cup of buckwheat on it two and a half cups of water).
  5. Carefully close the container of the product.
  6. To leave in the morning.

Note. In no case do not boil buckwheat. She needs to keep all their important properties. For quick weight loss fit is only going product. Not permissible diet buckwheat salt, add oil or other products, except nonfat yogurt. Do not eat it together with bread products. The optimal amount diet milk yogurt – not a liter and a half a day. Water can be used without restrictions, but not less than two liters per day.

The predicted result

With the help of a strict diet you can "throw" at the expiration of seven days was about five pounds. Some people manage to achieve better results (up to 7 kg).

Please note that we are talking about a short period of a week after which should be followed by a transitional week with the introduction in the diet of lean meat and vegetable fats. Should not a dieting method to continue more than seven days!

Repeat restrictive rate supply buckwheat is possible in four weeks.

The effectiveness of vegetarian diets

To reduce your weight by five kilograms is quite possibly due to a vegetarian diet, for example, in the form of soups.

We are talking about low-calorie food, is capable of:

  • to fill your body with a range of important vitamins;
  • to cleanse it from toxins and harmful substances;
  • will help to lose weight quickly in a week by as much as 5 pounds.
Diet soup. What is it?

It has the advantage of lightness, ease of preparation, lack of fat and extremely delicious.

For making a wonderful soup you need to postpone:

  • a pound of celery;
  • one large or two small tomatoes;
  • two onions;
  • one large or two smaller peppers;
  • a small head of cabbage;
  • any available home in the greens;
  • a few cloves of garlic (if you like that sort of thing);
  • not particularly hot spices.

Method of preparation:

  • Cut all the vegetables in small slices or cubes.
  • Pour the boiling water products.
  • Cook for no more than forty minutes.

Convenience vegetarian diet is that the soup you can eat in unlimited quantities and several times a day. It is forbidden to add bread or any other products.

Such meals are not recommended to continue for more than a week. Seven days you will be quite enough to get rid of five to seven extra pounds. The result will largely depend on your individual physiological characteristics and ability to resist the temptations.

The diet in the form of food raw vegetables

We are talking about a different kind of vegetarian vegetable diet in which the emphasis is on eating lots of vegetables, preferably raw.

It would seem that nothing could be simpler, but keep in mind that you have to absorb daily for the past week and a half to two kilograms of vegetables. Adding to them are the cereals from oats and corn.

The best option is cereal (one tablespoon).

How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg1

What is the usefulness of such a diet?

Vegetables in the dietary restrictive power will help you:

  • radically clean the intestines from toxic substances and toxins;
  • the uninterrupted functionality of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Note. Be prepared for the fact that in the first few days on the diet, you may have to deal with the symptoms of discomfort (bloated stomach symptoms of bloating, slight stomach upset). This is a manifestation of the process of deep cleaning the bowel.

Important. If you have certain medical problems with the gastrointestinal tract, avoid raw vegetables as a food and consult a nutritionist on the appointment of a different diet.

Milk diet. Weight loss in seven days

This diet is especially good for those who love to consume dairy products. We conventionally divide it into two directions.

For this diet to stock up on real homemade cow's milk. Store pasteurized product does not fit you. Buy milk at the market or supermarket, cooperating with the best farms.

On the whole dietary course you need seven liters (one quart a day). Should be drinking a glass of milk every four hours. Note that this is your Breakfast, lunch and dinner. To milk do not add other products. Water restrictions do not exist.

This kind of experts believe very effective and brings excellent results. Tighten this kind of power more than a week, however, it is not necessary.

Yogurt-fruit type of diet

This food belongs to the gentle form of the diet. The quality of food you will always have delicious yogurt with fresh fruit, therefore the feeling of hunger you will surely experience is not necessary. But after seven days you can easily get rid of five kilograms excess weight.

The basis of the weekly supply a mixture of popular and familiar to all fruit with live natural yoghurt. We know that many of them contribute to the processing of fat. We are talking about Mandarin, grapefruit, apples, oranges, pineapple and plum. Fruits not only promote weight loss, but are most available source of natural vitamins and minerals.

Note. The rules for selecting the appropriate yogurt the following – it should be free of fragrance, dye and chemical additives. Also note that bifidobacteria were present, and the expiration date was not too large.

Proper weight loss in a month

The perfect time for quick and effective weight loss is one calendar month. During this time, you can easily throw five to ten pounds, and in some cases – and up to twenty kilograms of excess body weight. But to achieve such performance it is important to strictly observe the following rules.

The list of practical advice:

  • Monitor the process of weight loss. Define in advance what outcomes you need to achieve over the next days and weeks. Weighing is only needed in the morning and once after you got out of bed. Remember that the lack of progress at the initial stage of weight loss is not a negative sign.
  • Create a detailed written plan of all your actions weight loss. You must have a clear goal and a specific indicator that you wish to achieve. It is important to prescribe in detail step by step instructions. Decide for yourself – what kind of diet you follow. List the mode of food intake, quantity and quality of the products, whether to exercise and distribute specific exercise.
  • Fast only for a short period of time. Prolonged diets can be dangerous to your health. Prefer gentle and light types of diet. Develop periodic scale special days of fasting. With its help, you can get rid of toxins without disrupting hormonal levels and metabolism.
  • Strictly follow your schedule of the day. The body has to work like clockwork, and to know the exact time of sleep, waking up, work, meals and exercise. Nothing disciplinarum as a strict schedule healthy and sensible lifestyle.
  • Never give up Breakfast. In the morning, you must be fully energized for the whole day. Your food should not be fatty and calorie saturated. Prefer light cheese, fruits, vegetables, salads and lean meat.
  • Avoid semi-finished products and all kinds of harmful products. Cook for myself only healthy food. Enter a strict ban on mayonnaise and pastries. Replace them with light vegetarian soups and salads.
How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg2

Note. What we have in mind when you write about certain foods as harmful? We are talking about sugar, margarine, flour products and animal fats, which contribute to triggering mechanism deposits the body fat. Be reasonable, for example, use honey instead of sugar, and flour products to replace cereals.


The success of the slimming process depends on the severity of the attitude and strict adherence to the above recommendations. If you want to have a slim figure and good health, adjust the power in the direction of reasonableness and fully replenish the body with all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If necessary, consult your doctors and nutritionists.