How to lose weight for the woman: advice

If you're wondering how to lose weight, read this article to the end. First you need to understand what are the myths about weight loss.

Proper weight loss1
  1. Fast body fat reduction. Even if the weight will begin to decline rapidly, this happens because of the elimination of excess moisture and reduce the volume of internal organs by reducing food intake. The fat accumulated in certain areas of the body, will not move in the last turn and only if regular targeted training sessions. Visceral fat, which forms a sheath around internal organs and performs a protective role, is reduced only under condition of observance of a balanced diet.
  2. Proper weight loss allows you to forget about the problem of weight gain forever. Extra pounds anyway back. Because of hormonal surges, age and other factors the body is modified. However, if a balanced diet, regular physical activity and normal sleep will become a habit, people will not only become slimmer but also healthier.
  3. The correct method of losing weight instantly speeds up the metabolism. In fact, a comprehensive solution to reduce weight very effectively contributes to the normalization of metabolism. However, this process usually takes a long time. Should focus not on quick and long lasting results.

Now, knowing about the major myths that accompany many advertising slogans for products for weight loss, you can initially determine what the promises of the manufacturers is true and what is false.

How to lose weight regardless of age and gender?

We will consider three basic methods.

The system nutrition

Food is a source of energy, it must be ingested in exactly the amount which is necessary to support life and maintain an active lifestyle. Any program weight loss starts with making a diet menu. Lose weight properly doesn't mean eating nothing. The diet should be complete and cover the body's needs for protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

How to start losing weight right? It is necessary to increase the difference between the amount consumed and the energy expended. In other words, people need to eat less and move more. This principle, used one time, gives impetus to the body, and he begins to actively use the energy reserves. This period starts metabolism will take about 7-10 days. Next should follow the General recommendations and women consume 2200-2700 calories, men – 2,800 calories a day or more depending on the category of daily physical or mental activity.

Do not forget about drinking regime. Because people often confuses thirst with hunger. If we drink at least 2 liters of purified water per day, then lose weight properly, so allow the body to naturally bring toxins.

Active lifestyle

How to lose weight correctly and effectively? We'll see in this issue. How often and intensively a person moves, the amount of energy. Active mode helps not only to burn received from food calories, but also promotes good health. When driving the emergence of stagnant processes is reduced to zero, normalizes hormonal balance, trains the heart muscle tissue is in good shape, and in fact it is the main consumer of energy in the diet. Therefore, a person developed physically, expends more calories even in a resting state.

Thinking about how to start losing weight right? Right tune for regular exercise. It can be not only special training, but also regular actions daily. Instead of going by transport it is better to walk a few stops on foot to the apartment it is useful to climb the stairs than the Elevator, and walk the dog instead of Smoking cigarettes it is better to exercise on the horizontal bar. Increasing your activity and following a balanced diet, we do not notice how gradually lose weight correctly.

Sufficient sleep time

There is a perception that fat around the belly and hips are formed at those people who go to bed late and sleep less than 7 hours a day. Proper sleep is an essential part of weight loss programs. When a person sleeps, he recovers. If not enough sleep, increases appetite. As a result, the amount of food eaten, usually more than what is actually necessary. If you are interested in how to lose weight correctly and effectively at home, about healthy sleep (from 11 PM to 6-7 am) is impossible to forget.


So that was an overview of the General principles of the fight against obesity. Next, we consider a methodology on how to correctly lose weight woman.

Busy schedule, family, household chores... Time to eat are able to carve out only when all is done, the result of this diet the weight starts to grow. Sometimes the cause of extra pounds are hormonal disruptions. It is wrong to think that if a day is not the evening to give vent to stomach, we lose weight. Proper nutrition is the basis for maintaining a slim figure. It is not only the silhouette should be pleasing to the eyes but also the skin, nails and hair. Besides the beauty, you need strength for numerous things.

Choose healthy food, prepare sample menu

The first period, when the women metabolism starts to slow down, stepping on the threshold of 30 years. After this age, the body loses annually about 1% of muscle mass, is gradually changing the structure of the bone. And how to lose weight after 30 years? You need to follow some recommendations. What? We now describe. Unloading week, as 20 years of age, will not help. The diet must be tailored to the age peculiarities. For example, the menu for the day might be:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese – 100 g soft cheese – 50 g, vegetable/fruit salad with a few tablespoons of yogurt, 2 bread made from wheat flour, tea/coffee without sugar;
  • snack – green Apple/cucumber;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, lean beef – 100 g vegetable salad with peas and olive oil;
  • snack: 250 ml buttermilk/yogurt/sour, Apple/avocado/cucumber/spinach;
  • dinner: 100 g of cottage cheese/goat cheese with greens or Greek salad with feta, no yeast bread.

Nutrition tips

In case of uncontrolled hunger is allowed to eat green vegetables or drink a smoothie of greens. You should completely eliminate sugar, and limit salt intake. It is better to replace a regular marine, harm from it much less. In salads it is recommended to add spices that act on the body as fat burners. These include cinnamon, ginger, white pepper, oregano, mint. Here's how to lose weight after 30 to stay fit, young and energetic!

This menu template to add your products. The basis of the diet – proteins and carbohydrates derived from vegetables. Eating in this way, we grow thin correctly.

Physical activity

An important and effective component of weight loss is physical exercise. How to lose weight? Women after 30 should pay special attention to training, because muscle mass decreases every year due to the decrease in physical activity and hormonal changes. In many women's sports centres offer comprehensive solutions of how to lose weight properly and efficiently. They are based on the principles of a balanced diet and regular exercise complex.

Classes should devote at least 4 hours a week to train optimally through the day. This way the muscles will get the time to full recovery, in the period which is the basic weight gain. If the body is sufficiently prepared, it is possible to exercise every day, alternating cardio with strength. Each of them must start with a 20-minute workout to warm up your muscles and ligaments.

Then, if it's a cardio workout, you can devote time to running, rhythmic walking, jumping rope or aerobic exercises. In violent class after the warm-up should work with the weighting. During training, it is better to work out the leg muscles and the press, the next the back and upper body. During the physical load it is necessary to follow the breath. Finish exercises should stretch.

Now I understand how to lose weight. As you can see, without sport is not enough.

Finally, consider the useful drink recipes

In many women's publications experts weight management give advice on how to lose weight correctly and effectively at home. Is it possible to do it yourself? It is!

The basics of good nutrition we have considered. You can only add a few recipes. For example, dieters will be useful for ginger ale. For its preparation you will need a few pieces of root and 250-300 ml of boiling water. Bay ginger with hot water, you need to let it sit to cool. Upon reaching room temperature, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Excellent tonic effect secured.

Imperceptibly we lose weight right at home when you drink green tea. It is rich in trace elements, promote metabolism.


A great way to lose weight is a smoothie made from kiwi and spinach. This cocktail is the champion of the content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Thanks to the spinach it is rich in vegetable protein, which is the basic building material for muscle tissue. To prepare you need 1-2 kiwi fruit and 5-7 large spinach leaves. With the help of a blender grind all you need.

Using such cocktails, we lose weight right at home.

Starting the weight loss process, do not forget about proper rest. No wonder the world-famous movie star secret of its beauty is called night's sleep. Of course, they are not without cosmetic services professionals and all sorts of beauty shots, but with such a busy schedule and constant stress health also requires support. It sleep is the basis of the normal functioning of the nervous system. This is the period when the brain has the ability to produce the reboot. Relaxation positively affects the appearance. Slim figure is no exception.


Let's summarize. To acquire a slim silhouette, and it follows a comprehensive and responsible approach to the process of losing weight. Only then everything will work!