How to swim in the pool to lose weight

Athletes and dieticians believe that the pool helps to lose weight while respecting the equipment. Due to minimal joint loading and utilization during the movement of different muscle groups, the body becomes flexible and relief, is losing weight. Swimming and weight loss compatible things – the process relieves stress on the spine, strengthens posture of the foot due to the active movement of the legs.

The benefits of swimming for body is obvious:

How to swim in the pool to lose weight1
  • prevention of flat feet;
  • stimulation of lung function;
  • maintains shape pregnant;
  • water has a massage effect.

To lose weight, you need to swim to get tired. During the heats follow the heart rate (120-150 beats per minute), each subsequent lesson, you increase the distance traveled. To do properly at 24-28 degrees water, while the lower body does not consume under skin fat (stores for thermal insulation). To lose weight in cold water, will have to move more rapidly.

Contraindications to the pool:

  • epilepsy, tuberculosis;
  • ischemia;
  • chronic nephritis;
  • venereal, purulent, infectious skin diseases;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • zoster, ichthyosis;
  • conjunctivitis, glaucoma;
  • hypertension, atherosclerosis;
  • arrhythmia, heart failure.

Use of the pool for weight loss

Use of the pool for weight loss is great, especially for girls. Regular weekly classes will help to tighten a figure, to give the body relief and flexibility. The pool allows you to burn a quarter more calories compared to running, due to water resistance. An hour of swimming in warm water is consumed up to 600 calories assuming continuity of motion. Also the intensity of burning fat is directly dependent on the style of swimming, the initial weights (full lose weight faster): Krol, burns up to 500 calories on the back – 560, brass – 520, and the butterfly – 570.

To swimming in the pool for weight loss brought only benefits, use the following tips:

  • right to alternate styles and speed for treatment of the entire body;
  • classes begin with a warm-up – 10 minutes warm up on land and five in the water;
  • to start training, accelerate the end – to slow down, to relax and to restore the respiratory activity;
  • the first lessons take half an hour, gradually increase the time to the hour;
  • right to swim in the pool 3-4 times weekly;
  • to combat cellulite use a swimming Board or inflatable ball;
  • magnification exercises from Aqua aerobics;
  • after the pool is not properly an hour and a half to lose weight faster.

How to learn to swim in the pool

Wishing to preserve the harmony of shapes is to learn how to learn how to swim in the pool to lose weight. For training retain water is required only the desire, the skills can be acquired at any age. Pool for swimming training is perfect – guide with a shallow bottom, to be able to feel the feet of solid surface. It is better to learn under the supervision of a coach.

Weight loss in the pool requires swimming lessons, which consists in the following principles:

  • To breathe correctly – deeply inhale mouth, exhale into the water. Fill your lungs completely not necessary – it prevents movement. For training, try standing on the rocks, take a deep breath, submerge completely under the water and exhale through the mouth. Swim above the water and breathe through your mouth – nasopharyngeal droplets may get inside the lungs, causing suffocation. The breathing should be under control the strokes of the limbs.
  • Retaining water will help exercise "star". Dial the air down the face of the water, legs spread to the sides in the shape of a star. Stay as long as possible in position, exhale. This same technique will help to overcome fear of water
  • Learn the movements of the hands and feet – keep your socks a long way, or hit them on the water. The speed of strokes depends on the speed of movement. For training the feet use a prop (the side of the pool, floating object).

How to swim in the pool to lose weight

If you expect to drop those extra pounds useful information about how to swim in the pool to lose weight. Since learning retention on water and simple ways of movement on the surface go to the learning styles that actively contribute to the fat burned. It is possible to learn all at once, to change styles at regular intervals of time. To thin legs to swim breaststroke, belly – crawl, the body as a whole is on the back.

Pool, and weight loss suggest the following recommendations:

  • exercise on an empty stomach (after eating should take at least 2.5 hours);
  • to properly train 16 to 19 hours;
  • before diving, take a warm shower, take a short warm-up;
  • right to use the pool three times a week to get used to the loads, to maintain their skills, to achieve weight loss.

How much to swim to lose weight

Beginners are only just beginning to actively engage on the water, I wonder how much you need to swim in the pool to lose weight. Reset extra pounds will be quick, subject to proper technique: first prepare, mash, conduct active training and at the end of her swim a bit at the back for relaxation. Intensive training for 40-60 minutes will result in a month and a half, will help you to lose weight by 2-5 kg.

Styles of swimming in the pool

To do it correctly, you should master the styles of swimming in the pool. Ideal for the ask the trainer to teach you to swim to improve your performance. The main physical styles are:

  • The brass on the chest is parallel with the surface of the water rowing of the limbs. Slow type, working on legs, glutes, shoulders, chest, back.
  • On the back – the arms move on the water in a live state. Method works the shoulders, chest, back, calf muscles. Can not give strain on the spine.
  • Butterfly (Dolphin) – is the most difficult style requires a certain level of training, is performed on the stomach. Unlike the brass is the work of his hands - they move symmetrically. Limbs powerfully rowing shocks, raising the body above the water, pelvis and legs make wavelike movements. The burden falls on the shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, thighs, deltoideis and calf muscles.
How to swim in the pool to lose weight2

Swimming in the frog

The most ineffective style is swimming in the frog. It will not help to lose weight, plus brings danger in the form load of the neck and shoulders – the head is always above water. Because of this, the muscles can get the clamp and the pain that is corrected only by a specialized therapeutic massage. Style at the frog is not capable of evenly loading the body to achieve weight loss using it not be anyone else.


The most simple and great for learning the style of swimming is the breaststroke. Lie on the water face down, one at a time grebsti legs, raising and lowering. Parallel make movements with your hands – take a single forward, drop in water, fold a hand bucket and grebsti to the thigh. Repeat the technique with the other hand. Breathing is done by lifting one's head out of the water on every second grebsti, it should be turn the face to the hand under water. Breathe as deeply as possible. Kroll will leverage the broad muscles of the chest, back, shoulders, and hips.

The exercise program in the pool

45 minutes lasts right exercise program in the pool, repeating three times per week with a gradual increase in load. Suitable for beginners the following scheme: three times to swim the breast stroke to rest for half a minute, three times, crawl on back, rest, three front crawl. Everyone else is advised how to swim for weight loss, have coaches. To increase the load exercise under water, alternate styles. When you're exhausted, rest longer, but don't stand in the water and slowly swim. Evaluate the results and follow the schedule to achieve it.

Exercises for the swimming pool

To further increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the weight loss exercises are there for swimming in the pool from Aqua aerobics:

How to swim in the pool to lose weight3
  1. Running – go waist-deep in the pool, jog on the spot, holding his side and raising their knees high. The number of repeats up to 15 times.
  2. Jumps – jump up and down, moving on opposite sides alternately. Jump in place, raising your knees to your chest, keeping the press busy.
  3. Jumping – jump turns on one foot, jumping out of the water.
  4. Jumping to her right inner thigh on two accounts: with feet together, apart, as high as possible.
  5. Mahi go to the chest, slowly raise your legs by touching hands.
  6. For belly – on a small place sit on the bottom, press your hands back, do the exercise "scissors".
  7. Triceps – stand with your back to the side, hands and elbows lean on the edge, slowly lower and lift the body. The lift should be sharp, and the lowering is slow.
  8. Bicycle – lie on the water, twist the imaginary foot pedal, press down elbows to the body.
  9. Waist – stand at the side, raise straight legs to the sides and back. Complicated, raising his hand above his head and leaning on the sides.
  10. Dumbbells – extend the arms above the head, bend. Try to make a short springy circular motion.
  11. How to swim in order to remove belly fat

    The majority of women attending the pool, wondered how to swim, to clean the stomach. The perfect style to get thin waist and flat tummy will be a crawl. It acts on the oblique muscles upper abdominals, forcing them to work and burn body fat. To increase the effect will help special exercises of Aqua aerobics, as described above. Do they need to be in the middle of the class, to avoid the occurrence of fatigue.

    To get the perfect body by the pool right use the following diagram of the classes designed by qualified coaches. According to it for three months, the abdomen will look flat, and the waist turned. The rest between swims should be conducted as fatigue.

    Results swimming for weight loss

    Doubting whether you can lose weight with a pool, coaches are asked to look at the effectiveness of training. Results swimming for weight loss are impressive – with the right technique and active pace, you can lose up to five pounds in a month. The first two weeks of active training in the pool, the weight will stand still, but then gradually will start to decrease.