Weight loss smoothies at home

Weight loss smoothies at home – it's delicious, useful, effective. In its composition they contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as those ingredients that will promote weight loss. To prepare this drink yourself is not difficult, and much time it takes, but very soon you will gain such a figure, which had long dreamed of.

Weight loss smoothies1

Key benefits

  • The main advantage that have with cocktails is very low calorie. One serving of the beverage contains not more than 200 Kcal. Useful substances there even more than in piece of meat. But unlike him, the cocktail is not conducive to the accumulation of body weight, but rather promotes fat burning.
  • Sports weight loss smoothies at home is a rich source of vitamins. At any time of year, your body will be in good shape, and about the lack of useful trace elements and other substances can be forgotten.

Ginger drink

The most common drink that allows you to quickly burn off excess calories, is a cocktail with ginger. The combination of its elements improves the metabolism in the body, as a consequence of out and weight. Its recipe is very simple. In a glass of buttermilk add a little ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of dry ginger. Mandatory ingredient is red pepper. However, it was important not to overdo it, otherwise the drink will be undrinkable. The standard glass you need just a few grams of pepper, on the tip of a spoon.

All of the above ingredients well mixed in a blender and you are ready to eat. Looking for an effective fat burning weight loss smoothies at home? This recipe is for you. Red pepper can add a little more or less. According to your taste. But completely to exclude it it is impossible, otherwise, a good effect can be expected.

Kefir smoothies

Best diet shakes for weight loss at home – are those which are composed of yogurt. This ingredient stimulates digestion and improves metabolism. Recipes for drinks are actually very a lot for everyone who wants to find the perfect option.

Some recipes:

  • Mix half a Cup of mineral water (non-carbonated) with yogurt and minimal fat. There add a sprig of dill and a small cucumber slice. Then we mix it all together until until you get a homogeneous mass. The drink is recommended to drink 30 minutes before you start eating.
  • In a Cup of yogurt, add cinnamon (to taste) and half a peach (you can take the banana). Mix well and ready to drink.
  • In a Cup of yogurt adds lemon juice (a few drops) and garden berries. Using a blender mix everything well.

Kefir weight loss smoothies at home is very effective. With regular use you can improve your health, forget about the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, normalize the metabolism and to get rid of a few extra pounds.

Make cocktails at home

If you set a goal to lose weight, it is best to prepare protein shakes for weight loss at home. Some nutritionists recommend to buy them in specialized places, but this is not always the best solution. Prepare fat burning drink at home, you can be sure of what ingredients are added that they are fresh and natural. Moreover, there is a huge number of recipes, if you wish, you can adjust for your taste.

A very popular protein shakes for weight loss at home. However, there are other tested recipes that give excellent results.

Effective recipes fat burning drinks:

  • Take natural yoghurt, a small slice of pumpkin, persimmon, carrots, and bell pepper. Grind all in a blender and add to drink a small amount of nuts. This cocktail is very satisfying. In addition, it will help you to forget about problems with weight drink will help to improve mood. In its composition contains a large amount of fiber and other healthy micronutrients.
  • Fresh ginger, broccoli, 100 fresh green peas, fresh cucumber, natural yoghurt. These ingredients can easily be found at any time of the year. Mix everything using a blender. If the drink will be too thick, add a little more yogurt.
  • As you can see, there are a variety of weight loss smoothies at home. The recipes are very simple, so to make fat burning drink everyone can. An excellent result gives the drink with cinnamon, cereal and yogurt. All grind in a blender until smooth, you can add a small amount of berries. This cocktail helps the body to better metabolize sugar.

Prepare smoothies

The best way to burn extra calories is to drink weight loss smoothies at home. The smoothie recipes are currently very popular among the fair sex. The main distinguishing feature of the drink is that in addition to vegetables and fruit includes juices.

Some smoothie recipes:

  • You will need three tablespoons of oatmeal, avocado and raspberry (300 grams). Mix everything in a blender until then, until a homogeneous mass. This drink is very tasty, useful and effective tool in the fight against obesity.
  • Tomatoes and carrots (one piece), yogurt (to your taste), a little red pepper, ginger (fresh or ground). Mix everything using a blender.
  • A slice of lemon, the pulp of watermelon and kiwi (one piece). After all ingredients are mixed, you can add a piece of ice. This drink nourishes and gives you more energy. Energy weight loss smoothies at home is very popular today. They contain vitamins and other useful minerals that will not allow you to feel weakness.

Smoothies are a great find for the category of people who prefer a healthy lifestyle and wants to lose a few extra pounds. The drink is light, so the severity of abdominal pain is not felt.

Weight loss smoothies2

Consumed cocktails correctly

Weight loss smoothies at home are not harmful to the body. How much to use them, just depends on what goal you have set for ourselves. If you want to get rid of excess weight slowly, then the drink should be consumed one time a day before meals.

However, there are times when a little to lose weight quickly. In this case, the best option would be to do the fasting day fat burn cocktails. Depending on how much you have excess weight in one day you can lose from a half to three pounds.

Useful tips

Some useful tips for those who want to lose weight:

  • Pounds will never go away, if you'll just lie down on the couch. Besides the use of cocktails for weight loss need to devote some time to the sport. Not have to visit this fitness club. Start with a simple charging, jog or walk in the evenings. Also can jump to jump rope for 15-20 minutes a day.
  • Wall itself from the grain products and sweets. These products contain a huge amount of calories.
  • Grind in a blender the ingredients for a cocktail as long as possible. Best would be to stir the drink for 7-10 minutes. This will allow your content to increase in volume and become more satisfying.

Weight loss smoothies at home will give you effective result in a short time if along with their use you will benefit from useful tips presented above.

Protein shakes

Tropical drink

You will need skim milk (500 ml), 200 grams of fresh cheese, 50 grams of pineapple and oranges. When cooking it is very important to remember not to use cold milk. It should be at room temperature. The drink turns out very hearty, great for a fasting day.

Chocolate drink

Every girl loves chocolate. It turns out that if the right to use it, the extra weight won't affect you. For example, you can make a cocktail. You'll need a bit of cocoa, milk, vanilla and low fat cottage cheese. If desired, cocoa you can substitute regular chocolate, we first need to finely grate. All ingredients mix in a blender until a homogeneous mass.

Drink for Breakfast

Need skim milk, oatmeal, banana, a little honey and natural yogurt. Mix well in a blender, and you can safely consume this drink instead of the standard Breakfast. It is very nutritious and useful.

Fat burners

Weight loss smoothies3

If you want to start cooking for myself effective weight loss smoothies at home, then you need to know that there are some spices that must be added to the drink in order to quickly get the desired result.

Enhancers fat burning:

  • cinnamon;
  • cardamom;
  • red pepper.

Thanks to the seasoning process calorie burning proceeds much faster. Use these ingredients in small quantities in the preparation of drinks and see what will begin to feel differently.


Any fat burning smoothies have contraindications.

The main ones:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  • Stomach problems (gastritis or ulcer).
  • Individual intolerance to lactose.
  • Possible Allergy to some of the ingredients.

They say that beauty demands victims. But do not forget that your health in the victim can not bring. For this reason, if you have ailments and illnesses from the list presented above, the use of chicory can not use. Consult your family physician, it is possible that you will be able to individually pick up a drink of those ingredients to use you can.

Very popular now are weight loss smoothies at home. Reviews of women who used them, are really impressive. Such drinks improve overall health and help burn extra calories. Use submitted recipes fat burning drinks and be able to quickly get rid of excess weight without harm for health.