Fractional eating for weight loss: to lose weight, menu, rules

Nutritionists and doctors of sports medicine people who are inclined to obesity, it is recommended to pay attention to smaller meals for weight loss. The reviews of those who lost weight advised not to take this system as another exhausting diet, to get acquainted with the mechanism of its effects on the body and only change your regimen and the number of food intake. It gives a man and how to apply fractional eating for weight loss? Easy, useful and accessible to everyone!

What is the method of fractional power?

The myth that you can save calories, eating 1-2 times a day, is wrong. Long breaks between meals are called "wolf" appetite, promote high calorie snack (tea with sweets and Goodies or fast food), as well as the accumulation of adipose tissue in the body.

Fractional menu for weight loss1

On the contrary, smaller meals 5-8 times a day in small portions calms the body, helps it to adjust to the correct and fast metabolism, normalizes weight and improves health. No wonder this healthy diet was invented for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Very soon, the dietitians realized that fractional power copes with the extra weight and permanently establishes the result.

Fractional eating for weight loss: the rules

There are two types of fractional power. The first technique assumes that people will eat at the first sign of the emergence of feelings of hunger is very small portions of low-calorie foods (e.g., chips not fresh starchy vegetables with 30-40 g of boiled beef or chicken breast). The size of portions if this is no more than a matchbox, but the number of meals can be up to 8 times. The downside of this practice, a fractional power may be the inability to distinguish between physiological hunger from psychological or the usual feelings of thirst.

Therefore, a more popular method, involving 5-6 times a day smaller meals for the weight loss benefits which are due to clear planning of diet and time intervals. It is compulsory Breakfast for 40-60 minutes after waking up with the presence of hard digestible complex carbohydrates. It will help to "Wake up" the metabolism and speed it up the reaction during the day. Three hour breaks between meals and snacks will not allow the body to get hungry and slow metabolism.

How to make the menu a fractional power? What to include products?

Menu so distributed, to between meals was a period of time of not more than 2.5-3 hours, and the calories would be constantly decreased to the required standards. The daily dose of calories, which allows fractional nutrition for weight loss reviews those who lose weight reglamentary corridor 1200-1600 kcal. Yourself to increase or decrease it is not recommended, as the increased nutritional value of the diet will lead to wasted efforts on weight loss, and reduced – to the panic of the body and mode saving calories "in reserve". The person at the same time significantly will worsen health. Weakness, nausea, malaise, insomnia are the main satellites of wrong calculation of calories, and weight decline will be.

Of the required 5-6 meals need to provide 3 to supply hot meals, 2 – for light snacks. "insatiable" in the first half of the day you can eat a teaspoon of honey or 3-5 fruits dried fruits (apricots, prunes). Fruit is also better to eat up to 15 hours. In the second half of the day – only non-starchy vegetables, green apples (not sweet varieties), plus protein foods. The amount of portions from half a Cup to a whole, which must be strictly adhered to. Snacks are excellent: vegetables, yoghurts, cheeses, fruit, nuts, eggs.

Most importantly - diversity

To supply the body with sufficient vitamins, minerals and natural fiber you need to include in the diet vegetables, legumes, fruits, and berries. Per day should drink at least half to two liters of filtered or mineral table water without gas, but not to mix it with food, that is, to have a drink before or after a meal. Combining protein and carbohydrate foods allow fractional nutrition for weight loss. The menu for the day and week should be diverse, be sure to include carbohydrate-containing foods (including fruit) for the first half of the day, protein and vegetables for the second.

With small meals mandatory for consumption of omega-polyunsaturated acids to start the process of lipolysis (splitting fats). They are present in many seafood, fish oil, sesame, linseed and olive oil. Coconut oil is the leader among similar products in the launch speed of metabolism. When making a meal, you need to prefer healthy food: fruits, vegetables (no starch), high-quality protein (lean beef, chicken breast, eggs, milk, curd and other sour dairy products, cereals, whole-grain flour, bread, legumes).

What products, practicing frequent meals, it is better to avoid?

Despite the loyalty of the diet, which allows fractional nutrition for weight loss reviews those who hkcee is not recommended to include semi-finished products, sausage products, mayonnaise and ketchup, greasy, fried or overly spicy food. It is also necessary to abandon the well-known "enemies of harmony": baking various confectionery and fast food.

Protein and carbohydrate foods at one time this system allows to combine, however, if you eat them separately, the process of losing weight will be more effective.

What are the benefits of fractional power system?

Thanks to frequent meals the person does not have to starve! This is the only technique which works under the motto: "Want to lose weight – eat!" Instead of debilitating restrictions, strict restrictions and deteriorating health she offers normalization of metabolism, General health of the body and simple way to a beautiful, slim figure. The transition to smaller meals for weight loss the personal experience of many of the girls describes as invisible. A gradual decrease in caloric content of the diet does not allow you to suffer from hunger, replacing products with more healthy types improves the function of the digestive tract, which helps not only to part with the extra pounds, but to continue to maintain the achieved results. Athletes use smaller meals to dry - getting rid of excess fat while maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

Does small meals with exercise?

This is one of the major benefits of this slimming system. Fractional power is perfect for the drying process. Despite the slow weight loss due to the substitution of dense tissue muscle easier fat, if training reduces the amount of body, it becomes more prominent, and elegant.

Fractional menu for weight loss2

Who knows all about fractional power? Advice given to the fitness trainers and athletes, aims to reduce the amount of fat in the body and increase muscle tissue. To become a bodybuilder, exercising on the home trainer, or 2-3 times a week in the gym is impossible, so do not be afraid of the appearance of overly toned muscles. But to remove fat from problem areas with sports and General weight loss would be easy.

Sample menu fractional power on the day

Many grateful testimonials from those who after weight loss switched to smaller meals as the healthiest system in the Breakfast are encouraged to include any of the cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal (cooked with water), or muesli with "zero" yogurt, a sandwich with bran bread and low-fat cheese, and fruit (orange or Apple). To snack to satisfy hunger can 1-2 grains bread, pear and green tea without sugar. Lunch - half a serving (150-200 g) soup vegetables or fatty meat (preferably secondary) broth, 100 g of boiled fish, chicken breast, beef or veal. Instead of soup you can the protein product to use with vegetables or assorted greens and fresh vegetables.

In the afternoon, many of those who lose weight eat low-fat cottage cheese, tea without sugar and some dried fruit or 20 g of nuts. Dinner at a fine feed can be boiled chicken breast (veal, lean beef, fish, protein 2 eggs or rabbit) with vegetables or salad no starchy vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers). Before bedtime you can drink 0.5-1 glass of "zero" yogurt.

Reviews about small diet for weight loss: what they say beginners and become slim.

Fractional menu for weight loss3

The main disadvantage of the system is a fractional power, consider the difficulty to organize frequent snacks and regular meals during working hours. However, set a goal, after a couple of weeks many of them found well-established habit to eat right and the opportunity to eat from brought home a container of food. At the beginning, many hard to bear limiting the amount of servings, if you cut them in half. Therefore, nutritionists advise to reduce the amount eaten gradually. So the volume of the stomach will shrink, causing acute attacks of hunger. The habit of eating slowly with careful chewing of food helps to lose weight those who wait for feelings of satiety, not to eat more than. Many have dishes of a smaller size to conform to the canons of the fractional power.

And in conclusion...

Rave reviews of all who lost weight using fractional nutrition for weight loss, the reviews of those who lost weight today, athletes and nutritionists demonstrate the effectiveness and simplicity of this method. It is so harmless that it is used after consultation with your doctor even lactating mother! Having tried once, many decided to make it his main principle of a healthy diet for life.