Zumba for weight loss

Zumba – inspired fitness program for weight loss that was created by Beto Perez in his native country of Colombia. The famous Creator of the dance was the leader of the national team and a fitness trainer. Is a professional dancer and the former choreographer for many celebrities, including the singer Shakira. Currently, this area is quite popular. Almost every large fitness center with a specially trained coach. This Latin American dance, Zumba is great for weight loss as a good cardio.

What is Zumba?

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The main idea of the dance is to turn exercise into fun. In many cases the people leading classes in Zumba, you forget that they work for. Zumba for weight loss is an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight. The program includes interval load, combining cardio and strength exercises that are crucial to weight loss and bring all the muscles of the body to tone. Most classes last approximately 1 hour and can incorporate Latin dance steps from such popular dances as the merengue, salsa, Mambo, Calypso, cha-cha-cha, flamenco, Rumba and so on.

Some instructors at their discretion include in the program of belly dance and hip hop, in this regard, Zumba for weight loss began to acquire an international dimension. At the same time, there are no specific rules, as each teacher adds their own special moves, making the workout unique.

The best tips for burning calories

  • During class just try to have fun, don't think about calories. Best way to lose weight is not to think about it all the time. Need to find something that will bring joy and pleasure (other than food), and then the extra pounds will go away by themselves.
  • Use of hands to the maximum. Zumba for weight loss is a very hot and active dance. During the movement must involve the whole body. Actively moving hands, you can force the muscles to burn more calories. It is not so difficult, but the benefits can be considerable.
  • Make more movements up and down. Basically it jumps and squats, that is all that makes nice legs and a firm butt and thighs. Slightly bend your knees, move up and down and enjoy the process.
  • Shake booty. This can be done on the spot or while moving at a more advanced stage. Such shaking affects the whole lower part of the body, involves not only feet, but even the heel.
  • Don't know all the steps available to Zumba for weight loss? Not scary! Having mastered at least a couple of the most simple you will feel confident, and there future exploits not over the hill.

Benefits of the program

This is a fantastic exercise has many wonderful benefits and is gaining in popularity with each passing day. One of the most important advantages is, certainly, effective weight loss. Casual workouts include a lot of elements that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, the average person can burn 600 to 1000 calories in just one session.

Another significant advantage of this type of workout is that by practicing it, you can recharge your energy and bring the body to tone in no time. Indeed, during Zumba the body should move in rhythm to the music. There are utilized all of the muscles. And to make some specific movements such as squats and twists, certain muscle groups are exposed to additional power load. Thus, you just dance without even realizing the fact that actually in the body is a great job of fat burning and reduction in tonus of the whole organism.

The positive effects of Zumba classes

On the positive side we can note the acquisition of new friends and associates. Attending classes, you can meet and communicate with interesting and funny people. If you love music, you will surely enjoy group classes are upbeat and energetic melodies.

We all know that a slow metabolism hinders weight loss. When you build muscle burned a lot of calories, thereby Zumba accelerate metabolism. This means that your body continues to get rid of excess fat even at rest.

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A great remedy for stress

Studies have proven that stress causes a feeling of hunger and appetite, which can lead to overeating, bloating, weight gain which can cause many diseases. Under stress we lose the ability to judge good and bad products. So the best way to combat depression hungry is to have in your fridge only healthy foods. If during times of stress in the kitchen will be cake, you eat, and if there will be a carrot – you use it. The food is still the mood did not improve, and snack on nuts or fruit will only benefit the body.

The best advice is to get rid of the stress, not only from its manifestations. Go outside, get some fresh air, call an old friend, do things that bring joy and make you smile. And it is better to enroll in a master class for Zumba. It is a proven method for getting rid of stress. Besides that Zumba is an amazing fitness program for weight loss, it is also a wonderful remedy for stress.

During training emitted a huge amount of endorphins. It improves your mood and allows at least for a while forget about all life difficulties. Dancing helps emancipation, increase your confidence and significantly improve the coordination of movements. Positive aspects are also a burst of energy and a feeling of lightness, and these changes are immediately reflected on the mood and appearance and are, in turn, is a good motivation for losing weight.

Age doesn't matter

Zumba – inspired fitness program for weight loss for beginners. This is the perfect type of workout, regardless of gender and age, as it combines many easy and interesting elements and energetic movements. There are also several programs designed especially for children, as it is important to instill a love of sports and active lifestyle from an early age. It is also ideal for the elderly who want to stay active and fit.

Zumba for weight loss: reviews, results

Many women say they are "addicted" to Zumba after the first class. It is not only very fun, but also serves as a great motivation for those who do not like to work out in the gym, but certainly wants to have a beautiful figure. What they say about this type of exercise, like Zumba for weight loss, reviews people? Most came to the master class dance lovers will immediately fall in love with this area. Many say the acquisition of self-confidence and even improving communication qualities as the communication takes place in a relaxed atmosphere in a group of like-minded people. They say that time flies when you're having fun. Often the hour workout flies by in seconds. It seems that just getting warmed up, and it's time to go home. Almost all say that Zumba is an amazing fitness program for weight loss. Reviews of people addicted to this incendiary dance speak for themselves.

So, Zumba is an aerobic fitness dance, including Latin dance moves, elements of hip-hop, Indian and African dance. These interval workouts are very effective for weight loss. Due to its huge popularity now you can find different activities for every taste.

There are classes for children of all ages, young mothers, newcomers, older people and even advanced dancers. To get the most out of classes, it is not necessary to focus only on weight loss, it is better to direct all the energy on learning new steps, once you've mastered that, you can easily enjoy the dance process. If the gym is not for you, then just dance! If you want to tone up and lose weight, you will do it with Zumba!