How to use bran for weight loss. What bran for weight loss it is better to choose

To purchase bran at any grocery store, pharmacy or supermarket. What bran is better for weight loss?

They come in the form of "biscuits" and powdered. Useful and bread with bran. This is the best option, because a mess of them some people think not appetite and tasteless. Fiber, which contains fifty grams of bread is the daily requirement of the body.

Bran for weight loss1

The most popular oat bran. About them only positive reviews, and often buy. Second and third places for rye and wheat bran, respectively. The composition of the different bran different from each other. Oats contain omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, various vitamins and fiber. Source of eight of the most essential minerals wheat bran. High content of vitamins of group "b" and fat-soluble "K" and "E". Substances such as magnesium, iron, selenium and phosphorus are also present in wheat bran. Rye also recycled more complicated, but they are also useful because of the content of essential substances, phosphorus, selenium and manganese.

As bran act on the body?

You want to learn how to use bran for weight loss? Then you definitely need to understand their effects on the human body. It is known that Hippocrates gave advice to use this product in order to improve digestion. In the blood vitamins and minerals are always caught with food. Since fiber is not digested, bran evoke a sense of richness, of filling our stomach. A distinctive feature of the bran - they swell in liquid medium. Therefore, for the digestive system creates a comfortable microflora.

If you suffer from dysbiosis is what will help you. Because the beneficial bacteria beneficial to the intestines and stomach. In the fight against high glucose content, as scientists have found that bran will also help, so they are recommended for diabetics. If the person is full and suffers from frequent constipation, it is useful bran - for weight loss. How to take them? For starters, do not be lazy and read information about it. Bran is easy to derive not only the waste from our body, but also toxins and cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol, think about this diet. Bran have a wide range of medicinal properties. Epidemiologists noticed that they help in colon cancer. After all, it is called nitrates, additives and heavy metals. Thanks to bran, the colon gets excellent protection. So you not only lose weight but also protect your body from disease.

Lose weight with the mind

As is bran for weight loss? Now tell. A product such as bran, can help reduce appetite. Filling their stomach, you need to normalize the gastrointestinal tract. All to learn easily excreted from the body. But to lose weight too, need to mind. Limit yourself to thirty grams of bran per day. You should not have a huge amount of bran for weight loss. How to take them in food, I suppose. Because instead of losing weight can happen that you to add.

If you eat bran, then be sure to wash them with water so they swell. One table spoon one Cup of water, such a proportion. If you do not like the taste, for example cereals, then there is nothing you like to drink bran (for weight loss), before wetting a small amount of yogurt or milkshake. This diet is recommended to use not more than a month.

Rules of admission. Recipes

Start slowly. You have, of course,> remember how to use bran for weight loss, but better still write down for yourself detailed instructions. First one teaspoon a day 15 minutes before meals. Eventually bring this number up to three spoonfuls a day, dividing into portions. Drink only raw bran with water or juice, tea, yogurt. Except rye, wheat or oats and rice, buckwheat bran. Read carefully the contraindications, they are also available.

Visit a nutritionist for a consultation. Keep in mind that gastritis, colitis and ulcers bran to eat you should not. Listen to your body: feelings of bloating, diarrhea, flatulence. So bran did not take long, so you can achieve not only the output of harmful substances, but also useful for the body. How to use bran for weight loss? The conclusion is clear - only courses.

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Baking cakes

Take a little cream, bring to the boil. Add the bran and mix well. Remove from the heat. Allow to cool. To this mixture add the grated cheese, honey, 1/4 of the eggs, oil and flour. Make the dough. Sculpt cakes and bake in the oven.

How to use bran for weight loss in the form of porridge?

There is one interesting recipe. This porridge is good for Breakfast, it is a guarantee to start the process of weight loss in the morning. You will need milk - 150 ml oat bran - 2 tablespoons wheat flour 1 tablespoon. Boil bran in the milk, mixing continuously. Do it on a slow fire. According to your taste, you can put vanilla and sugar. Allow porridge to stand up after that 2 minutes. Such a mess - low calorie, delicious and healthy -for those who decided to lose weight.

Water therapy for weight loss

You can also take a bath with bran, which also contributes to the decrease in excess weight. This bath has the property to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. Her appointment will take only 30 minutes. Cook it very simple. These products are at all. For preparing such a bath needs to make one kilogram of bran to two litres of milk, then add a tablespoon of honey. The mixture pour into the tub - and you can immerse yourself in the healing water. The duration of this procedure - not more than half an hour. The main thing - after the bath, well washed and relax.

Bran for weight loss3

A small conclusion

If you eat bran it is reasonable, then the result will not take long and will be lasting and not fleeting. Using proper diet, baths and exercise in the complex, you will get a slim figure and a healthy body.

Using bran for weight loss, you will not be in loss, as they will save on expensive supplements. Moreover, they do not always benefit and the expected result. Harmful substances are excreted from the body, and leave the ailments. Bran is healthy, tasty and affordable. Be in good shape and feel healthy and happy!