How to lose weight fast the man in the home and in the audience

The fact is that to lose weight the man in the stomach, arms and back is much easier: these parts of the body in a short time attain normal shape and topography.

Mistakes men for weight loss

For a long period of lack of results in the fight against obesity in men in most cases is due to the wrong approach: they are trying to lose weight, sitting on women's diets. However, this is incorrect, since the female body is designed differently.

Characteristics of weight gain in men

For example, men need to consume twice as much protein. Women characteristic genocidally (pear like) type of obesity where fat is stored in the area of the buttocks and thighs whereas men are more likely to suffer from abdominal obesity, when the fat deposited on the abdomen. Doctors call latest Android ("Android" in Latin "Apple"). The examples are not far to seek, some men do not look full, but the protruding abdomen indicates the presence of excess weight.

Quickly lose weight a man at home1

The basic rules of weight loss

To lose weight you need to put effort and spend time. It is important not only to get rid of extra pounds, but and did not recover again after some time. Experts recommend to undergo a series of steps:

  1. To go to the doctor to undergo tests that will help to establish the cause of overweight men, obesity, and further the behavior.
  2. To reduce the number of heavy and fatty foods in your diet.
  3. To increase the duration of Hiking. Doctors do not recommend to get involved in aerobic and power training men over 40 years and resort to them only after consultation.
  4. Limit salt intake and increase water consumption.
  5. To do morning exercises, to help the body to overcome sleepiness and to improve metabolism.
  6. To start keeping a food diary, which recorded all foods consumed per day. Records you can track the quantity and quality of food eaten in the dynamics.
  7. To respect the day, avoiding violations of the diet and sleep.

Remember that stressful situations also contribute to the accumulation of excess weight.

Prepare a program of quick weight loss

Next, let us dwell on the key aspects that will help to answer the question, how to lose weight male fast. Approach to the solution of this problem must be comprehensive:

  • Correction of the diet: every day on the table must be fresh vegetables and fruits, the number of calories should be reduced, and from "empty" foods need not give up.
  • Increasing physical activity: it often happens that people who are overweight lack of androgens. Moderate exercise helps to increase testosterone levels in men. Importantly, to make these loads daily.
Lose weight with exercise equipment at home

To start training in the gym should be gradually, each time increasing the duration and power loads, as the man lose weight in the stomach one day still will not work. It is best to start playing sports with daily Jogging, brisk walk, Cycling or exercising in the gym in a sparing mode, gradually increasing the load.

  • First, the duration of training should not exceed 40 minutes.
  • To train in the gym should absolutely all muscle groups. The load should be distributed evenly on the muscles of the arms, legs, back and abdomen.
  • In the hall must be cardio exercise machines, as in the course of employment it triggered mechanisms of metabolism, which allow the person to begin to lose weight. The best results in the fight against excess weight, you can achieve it with the cardio machines.
  • Fluid intake directly after a workout is not prohibited. Replenish lost during physical exertion the loss of liquid during workouts, and an hour after you can take in food boiled protein (chicken breast or fish) with side dish (buckwheat, rice or vegetables). Then it is recommended to eat a serving of cottage cheese or drink a glass of yogurt.
Quickly lose weight a man at home2 A set of exercises for weight loss in the abdominal area
  • Exercises on cardio simulators help men to lose weight faster in the abdominal area. Even a simple walk on the treadmill helps to pull the abdominal muscles, gradually starting the process of metabolism in the body. That is why experts recommend half of a workout to devote to the training on these simulators. After practice the Elevator rides should prefer walking the stairs.
  • Don't forget to download the press, however, this should not be done every day. To train these muscle groups enough, doing crunches every two days. Thus, Oblique, lower and upper muscles and back muscles regularly needs to load.
  • Start a workout with push UPS is recommended. Then you can add load by traction of the upper block. Then begin the stretching and bending of arms and legs. The next step is push-UPS on the simulator, sitting and twisting. Each exercise should be done 10-12 times.
  • Next, proceed to the load on the area of the press on special simulators.
  • In performing regular exercises and back, the housing will level off, and muscles will find relief. Subject to all of the above recommendations, the weight will gradually come to normal. However, if not, you should get tested, which will show whether you want to increase testosterone levels in men.

Besides increased weight, and lack of testosterone is evidenced by the following characteristics:

  • fatigue and irritability,
  • reducing sexual desire,
  • frequent bouts of bad temper,
  • the decreased performance.

If the tests showed the deficiency of testosterone in the blood, the doctor needs to develop recommendations for improving it. But to increase it and without the help of medications.

Quickly lose weight a man at home3

Ways to increase testosterone:

  • Eat as much unprocessed, whole food products and beverages. Processed foods and chemicals are harmful to the hormones causing obesity, depression and anxiety. Thus, to answer the question "How to lose weight quickly man?", first and foremost, you should review your dietary preferences and then proceed with the following steps.
  • Spend time in the sun. Ultraviolet rays contribute to the production of vitamin D, and help all organs to function normally.
  • Eat healthy fats. Many healthy fats are contained in seeds and nuts - they should be favored as a snack, but not a favourite by many a sandwich. This will not only help to lose weight the man in the stomach, but will work to enhance testosterone levels in men.
  • Eat olive oil: it helps to restore the fabric of the human body and also increases the level of hormones such as testosterone.
  • Do not hold the diet with restriction of carbohydrates. Such diets are destroying testosterone levels.
  • Think and behave with the opposite sex like a man.
  • Do not use drugs, tobacco, alcohol and unnecessary medications. Self-medication can disturb the delicate hormonal balance in the body.
  • Think about sex: thinking about sex stimulates the production of testosterone.
  • Laugh more and relax. Getting rid of stress and normalization of sleep, you will be able to quickly increase testosterone levels.
  • Eat foods that increase testosterone: nuts, legumes, seafood, vegetables, fruit, meat, honey.