A set of exercises for weight loss at the gym — the way to do

A properly selected set of exercises for weight loss at the gym, in tandem with proper diet more efficient exhausting diets.

Restricting your diet, you can lose weight but the body will not fit, and strength and beauty will not increase.

Not receiving the required load, the body will be weak, and the lack of essential body substances is very harmful for the beauty of skin, hair and nails.

You can lose weight in the gym1

Lethargy and apathy does not make a person beautiful. So forget about laziness and start your path to a perfect body.

General principle

E why we get fat? The main reason are usually too lazy and uncontrolled power.

If you feel the same way of life as one of the suitors of tinkerbell, then you probably have not one extra kilo.

To get rid of this ballast can be used only if active takes more energy than you receive with food all day.

If you are reading this article to persuade you to start training makes no sense. You understand yourself as necessary.

Not to give up from difficulties, not give up half way through and not to succumb to the entreaties of his lazy hand, we need good motivation.


Now begin to choose the set of exercises for weight loss at the gym.

We are all different, but there are principles that apply in any case. Regular exercise speeds up the metabolism.

But we should not stick only to cardio or strength training.

Any misalignment will not produce the desired result. Only running, jump rope, playing on the cardio equipment will save you not only fat, but also make your muscles less.

If you focus only on strength training, muscle mass will increase and fat will remain in place.

We conclude that these two types of loads need to be combined.

Beginners and those who long time was not engaged, immediately jump into the fray should not be. Overload your body gradually, monitor pulse, respiration and blood pressure.

Slowly increasing the tempo and load, you will achieve better results, do no harm to your health.

Control your diet, count the calories, but not fast and drink water better at the gym to work out eaten favorite food, than to fall into a swoon from a small load.

A set of exercises for weight loss at the gym for girls

A loose body is not attractive, especially if the person is young.

You can lose weight in the gym2

Girls usually try to watch my weight, but not all do it correctly. Most often, they go on a diet, and not always balanced, which does not add health, and only hurts.

And if you play sports, yoga or go to the gym, you can lose weight and become fitter.

At desire it is possible to find different sets of exercises for weight loss at the gym girls photo.

Shy girls can try to do at home, good, information galore.

But the best solution will be activities in the hall, where there is a coach who will develop an individual program taking into account the peculiarities of your figure, pick the right load level.

Further, depending on the results, you will make changes to the complex, introduce new exercises, increase the number of sets, etc.

Always possible to spot new and interesting exercises on the Internet, and technique is better to carefully study the videos, studying the complexes of exercises for weight loss at the gym for the girls.

Well burn fat without increasing muscle workout in a circle – all the exercises of the complex are executed one by one campaign for each other without a break.

After the first round take a break and start again. It's not as easy as it sounds, but this training gives a good opportunity to lose weight and burn excess fat.

Here is an example of such a complex:

  • As usual, every training session starts with a 5-10 minute warm-up: jump or run, preheat, rotate all the joints, stretch all the muscles.
  • 12-15 crunches on an inclined bench or a Roman chair. Not come right, round the back. To achieve maximum effect, do not go down on the bench completely.
  • 10-12 lunges with dumbbells. This exercise trains the front, back and inner thighs, buttocks.
  • 10-15 times perform dumbbell bench press or barbell sitting. So we are working on the shoulders (front and middle Delta) and triceps. Squeeze through and lower the dumbbells to the shoulders. You can do bench press in turn each hand — so it will be easier.
  • Pull the lower unit 10-15 times. Working on broadest muscle of back, rear Delta. When you release the handle away from you, you can stretch your back a little hunched over.
  • The front part of the thigh train, straightening the legs in the simulator 10-12 times. If a little bit out socks, you can add the load on the inner part of the thigh, troubled many people.
  • 12-15 times from the huddle from the bench in the back, loading the triceps, chest muscles and front Delta. Hands wider than shoulder width and elbows bent back. The legs can be put on the floor, slightly bending them at the knees.
  • The back of the thigh loading, bending feet in the simulator lying — 10-15 times. Bend and straighten the legs completely.
  • 10-15 times lying on the bench bred hands with dumbbells. Do everything smoothly, the hands are slightly bent at the elbows, at the top of them to straighten and bring the dumbbells together, below the elbows to turn out.
  • Completing the complex stretching of all muscles.

We must start with three circles, gradually adding repetitions to each exercise.

Calculate the load so that you can complete the whole round without interruption. Rest 2-5 minutes and proceed to the next round.

A set of exercises for weight loss at the gym for women

Older women who have not played sports, is unlikely to survive such intensity.

They require complex easy.

You can find a set of exercises for weight loss at the gym for women, after reviewing a bunch of videos, mount articles, but will you be able to overpower him?

You have to do it three or four times a week, alternating workouts.

Every workout starts with a warm up, and after 10 minutes of brisk walking or light Jogging.

You can lose weight in the gym3

Exercises should be performed 10 times, plus or minus 2, in 3 sets, resting between 2-3 minutes. Weight select so that you could implement all of the repetition.

Finish the walk at a fast pace for about 10 minutes and stretching all worked muscles.

Moreover in the hall you can always turn for advice to the coach.

A couple of months it is necessary to change the training program, making it more complicated and diverse.

It is worth noting that, burning excess fat, males don't need to increase the number of repetitions, enough for 15-20, just less rest, but not in a hurry and pick up your weight.

Exercise three times a week, not forgetting the cardio at the beginning and at the end of training.

If you're hoping on losing weight, exercising strenuously, without changing their eating habits by eating sweets and buns, it is not so.

You build muscle, but they will be invisible under a layer of fat.

So, you will have to reduce the consumption of sweet and starchy foods to a minimum. While dropping excess, you can begin to increase muscle mass.


Universal complexes a lot, but everything needs an individual approach.

As there are no two identical snowflakes, no two are identical in all people. Pick up your complex mind and forget about excess weight.