Most effective exercise for weight loss thighs and buttocks

With age, the body begins to undergo changes in metabolic processes. It is for this reason enhanced the accumulation of body fat. Moreover, if we add a sedentary lifestyle and wrong diet, then it is safe to say that the appearance of folds in the pelvic region is guaranteed.

At any age woman wants to look attractive to the surrounding men noticed her. Exercises for slimming thighs, buttocks and belly will help you to quickly get in shape. If you constantly train, and the reflection in the mirror will delight, as a consequence, improves mood and overall health.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks1

Comprehensive recommendations

In order to achieve the figure of your dreams, you need to devote training time, not just a week or two. Regular exercise will make the belly fit, hip and legs attractive.

Useful tips

  • Try to practice every day for at least 15 minutes. Then you will never have problems with excess fat deposits.
  • Exercise for weight loss thighs and buttocks it is advisable to do in the morning and before eating.
  • In order to workout not bored, turn on a light, relaxing melody. So you will not notice how time flies.
  • After completed the full set of exercises, you can afford to relax, but not on the couch. Spread on the floor Mat and lie down, or enter a bath with sea salt. Believe me, after such rest muscle pain will not be felt.
  • Proper nutrition is an integral part of any training program. Exercise for weight loss thighs and buttocks should be accompanied by eating healthy, low-fat food.

How to make training effective

Want to exercise for weight loss thighs and buttocks was not only efficient but also pleasure? Then remember the following tips:

  • Tune positively, because the mood will depend on the final result.
  • Do not skip the workout if you got down to business, then do exercises regularly.
  • Don't forget about exercise – it is very important for the muscles.
  • In order to achieve the result as quickly as possible, over time gradually increase the load.

Do workout

To warm up advanced exercises you can not pick up. It is done to stretch your muscles, prepare them for physical activity. Ideal for warm-UPS:

  • At home the best option would be jumping rope.
  • Running in place for 10-15 minutes.
  • Squats.
  • A few minutes of training on the bike (if any).

Most importantly - exercise warm-up should be heavier than the main, or the next day muscles will ache so much that you no longer want to do.

A set of exercises for weight loss buttocks and thighs

The following exercises will help you in the home quickly to form an elastic buttock muscles and thighs to give an attractive appearance.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks2
  1. Attacks. Starting position – stand straight. The hands have the sides, back, keep straight. Lean back one foot so that the second one was bent at the knee. In this position, perform squats 10-15 times before changing leg. During exercise try to strain not only the gluteus and thigh muscles, but the stomach. Squats give excellent results for the correction of the whole figure.
  2. For the following exercises you will need a chair. Get on your knees and hands grasp his back. Then alternately pull the legs back, while straining muscles of the buttocks. First 15-20 times with one leg, then the other.
  3. Lay a Mat and get on your knees, arms bend at the elbows and rest on them. The exercise is to pull the toes as high as possible, while the leg should be bent at the knee. As it trains glutes and pelvic
  4. Lie on back, arms stretch straight, knees bent. Without lifting from the floor of the hands and feet, begin to slowly raise the torso as possible. Performing this exercise for slimming thighs and buttocks, you will also gain a flat stomach.

It is worth noting that simple exercises to strengthen the buttocks can be performed not only at home, but sitting at work, at the bus stop. Just compress and decompress them. Believe that the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Sports direction

Of a beautiful figure, dreams of every girl. If you want even faster to achieve the desired result, if you do enough exercise, then you can exercise.

A great option would be the following:

  • Daily Jogging (morning or evening).
  • The roller skating (a combination of the useful with the pleasant).
  • Swimming (promotes weight loss the whole body).
  • Skiing.
  • Dancing (great exercise, which will have a positive impact on your figure).
  • Bike.

Sports combined with proper nutrition will help you gain the figure of dreams. Problems with excess fat will never occur, and elasticity of your buttocks and hips can only envy. Besides, sport has a positive impact on health - improves blood circulation and heart function, normalizes metabolism.

Classes in the fitness room

Exercises for quick weight loss thighs and buttocks will get the most effective result, if you engage in the fitness room. If you have the time and opportunity, then make up your mind without hesitation. A huge advantage of training in the gym is that you will have your coach, who individually develop a special exercise program for weight loss. Moreover, group classes lift your spirits. You will not have the urge to go lie on the couch because you want to prove to others that you have the willpower.

Exercise for weight loss buttocks3

If classes in the fitness room you like, then pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Step aerobics. This type of training appeared not so long ago. But already today a great number of women visit step-aerobics, to power up your thighs, buttocks and belly. This area is considered the most energy-consuming, helps you lose weight.
  • If for some reason you cannot withstand intense physical activity, then you can go do water aerobics. It does not cause fatigue, water dissolves unnecessary body fat. Besides the sport can be enjoyed at any age.
  • Classes on the step – a specially designed stage for exercise. Convenient because you can adjust the level of impact on certain muscle groups. For example, you can easily direct all the efforts at slimming legs and buttocks and thighs exercises on the step result is achieved very quickly.

Balanced diet

Thighs and buttocks has always been the most problematic area in women. If you start to gain weight, primarily body fat start to appear in the pelvic area.

The principle of a balanced diet is that you will have to abandon the use of certain products simultaneously with the execution of exercises.

That should not be consumed in the diet:

  • Chocolate (cakes, pies, candies).
  • Any pastry is strictly prohibited (allowed a small amount of black bread).
  • Smoked and high-fat food.
  • Fruits are advised to limit their consumption of grapes and bananas.

It is possible to use:

  • Cheese.
  • Water melons (during summer time).
  • Lean meat.
  • Mushrooms.

During any diet, especially when combined with exercise, be sure to use water in greater amounts than usual. Especially good to drink green tea, as it really burns up extra calories.


Decided to bring her figure in order? Then the above effective exercises for slimming thighs and buttocks - just what you need. Remember that combined with the training you need to eat right, only in this case the result will be visible very soon.

What to do:

  • Morale on achieving results.
  • Constantly performing exercises.
  • Stick to your diet.

Beautiful, firm buttocks and thighs – it is possible, if you strictly follow the recommendations and advice. Start studying today - and your reflection in the mirror will only please.