How to lose weight in a week

Sometimes there are situations when you need to lose weight urgently. For example, in a week you are planning a celebration, and you cannot wear your favorite dress, as extra centimeters at the waist or hips interfere with this. At such moments, we ask ourselves the question - how to lose weight in a week? And here express diets come to the rescue, which make it possible to get rid of 5 or even 10 kilograms as quickly as possible.

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Weight loss in a week at any cost

Choosing a fast diet, we pay attention not only to its components, but also to the possibility of saving the result after its completion. At the same time, it is very important that such food does not harm your health.

With limited time, you can only rely on changes in your diet, since other measures (physical activity, etc. ) will no longer have time to work. When using weekly diets, the result is mainly achieved thanks to:

  • The use of one product - low-fat kefir or cottage cheese, apple, buckwheat, etc. But not everyone can withstand such a monotonous diet.
  • A sharp decrease in the intake of calories in the body. With such a diet, the body has to work hard.
  • Chemical processes. These are diets that affect our metabolism. As an example, you can call the "Protein Diet". They are popular because this type of diet does not lose muscle mass, which is typical for most express diets. Consequently, the result obtained will last much longer.

At first glance, the more monotonous the diet is, the better the result will be achieved. However, this is not the case. After all, 7 days is a long enough period to experience limitations. Therefore, they increase the load on the body, which can lead to health problems. During the use of "fast diets" the body can turn on the "economy mode". And this, in turn, will lead to a complete failure in weight loss. In addition, you will get fatigue, depression and feeling unwell.

feeling unwell from strict diets

Ideal if a short-term diet is the trigger for further weight loss activities. It is also important to remember that having received the desired result in 7 days, you need not to break loose and not give in to gluttony.

Assess your health before starting any diet. If you have more than 30 extra pounds, then losing weight on your own is very dangerous. In this case, consult a doctor who can help you reduce the calorie content of your menu and give advice on physical activity.

Most Popular Weekly Diets

Most often, those who urgently need to lose extra pounds choose one of the following diets:

  1. Kefir. It is designed for 7 days and makes it possible to say goodbye to 3-5 kg. To do this, it is allowed to eat low-fat kefir and several fresh vegetables or fruits in limited quantities.
  2. Japanese. Allows you to lose weight by 4 kg per week. Such a diet refers to carbohydrate-free, where each meal is scheduled not only in terms of the amount eaten, but also in time.
  3. Buckwheat. It is based on the use of buckwheat steamed in a special way. As a result, it makes it possible to lose 1 kg per day.
  4. Juice Mono Diet. It is also called "emergency", since it can be used only in extreme cases, and even then, not by everyone. Despite the fact that such a diet is very popular among show business stars, it is very harmful to the body.
  5. The Queen's Fasting Diet. It was developed by nutritionist Margarita Koroleva and promises to lose 2-3 kg in a week. At this time, during the day, you need to eat in equal parts at regular intervals 100 g of non-fatty cottage cheese, ΒΌ part of a small chicken without skin, 2 cucumbers, 1 potato, drink 1 liter of non-fatty kefir. During this period, it is important to adhere to the drinking regime - drink 2. 5 liters of still water daily.
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How to keep the result

One of the disadvantages of fast diets is that quickly lost weight comes back just as quickly, taking a few more pounds with it. To prevent this from happening, it is important to lose weight gradually.

It is very important to rethink your diet, giving preference to healthy foods in your diet. Exercise regularly, or better yet, sign up for a fitness room or pool. As a last resort, daily walking is fine.