Drinking diet

One of the most popular ways to lose weight in modern times is a drinking diet. Its meaning is simple: for a certain amount of time (from 1 to several days), you need to drink only liquid. What will it give? The metabolism will change and the person will begin to get rid of extra pounds.

The main goal is to reduce the load on the gastrointestinal tract. This will help get rid of the feeling of heaviness, oversaturation and other problems. The work of the organs and systems of the body is stabilized, and of course, weight loss itself begins.

This type of diet is designed to last from 1 to 30 days. This is the most optimal duration. There are also long-term types of drinking diets. But experts advise against sticking to them. This is especially true for unprepared people.

The most important thing is not to let yourself get lost.

types of drinking diet and its main purpose

Preparing for a drinking diet

Before starting to lose weight according to this system, you should visit a specialist. He will be able to prescribe certain vitamin complexes. In addition, he will determine how much this method of losing weight suits a person.

The preparatory stage is the application of the principles of proper nutrition. Sweet, fatty foods should be banned. The use of alcohol and drinks with gases is not allowed.

2 - 3 days before the start of the weight loss course, it is necessary to include in the diet as much as possible fresh fruits, cereals, soups, freshly squeezed juices.

As you can see, the entrance to a drinking diet is fairly straightforward.

Drinking diet - pros and cons

There are several advantages to a drinking diet:

  1. Efficiency - the result is impressive. Losing weight by 2 - 5 kg. in short time.
  2. Drinking a diet helps to cleanse the body.

But the list of cons is much larger. These include:

  1. It is not so easy to maintain a weight loss course.
  2. It must be adhered to with caution.
  3. A hard drinking diet causes many side effects.
  4. If the exit from the diet is not correct, then anorexia may appear.
  5. Fasting harms the entire body.
  6. Violation of blood formation.
  7. Decreased immunity.
  8. The appearance of gastritis, anemia.
  9. The skin can lose its healthy appearance.

Who is prohibited from a rigid drinking diet:

  • hypertensive patients;
  • people with renal and heart failure;
  • with puffiness.
drinking diet for weight loss its pros and cons

The main types of drinking diet

The full course consists of 30 days. However, not everyone can withstand such a duration. In addition, a 30-day course can exacerbate chronic diseases. It is also important that you can only stick to a 1-month diet once a year. Only in this way it will not harm health.

Therefore, more acceptable diet options have appeared. For example, diets lasting a week or 2. These types of diets also involve only drinking food. To withstand them is somewhat easier than a course of 30 days. But here, too, it is important to prepare correctly.

Drinking diet for 1 day

This variety should most likely be called a fasting day, during which it is necessary to consume only water in a volume of at least 2 liters. It is allowed to diversify the daily diet with freshly squeezed orange juice. It is important that the drink must be diluted with water in equal proportions.

A drinking diet day will allow the body to cope with the increased stress arising from the digestion of food.

There is a special preparation for the fasting day. 14 days before it, the diet should be saturated with cereals, vegetables and fruits. Drinks should be drunk a week before the diet without adding sugar. And before this day, it is advisable to drink only green tea.

A 1-day drinking diet is allowed to be applied several times a month. The result of a drinking day is a decrease in weight by 1 - 2 kg.

Drinking diet for 3 days

The effectiveness of the diet is getting rid of 5 kg of excess weight. It is difficult to adhere to this method of losing weight, because these days you need to completely abandon chewed food. The main dishes of the diet are drinks. In addition, the main drink of the day will need to be supplemented with 1. 5 - 2 liters. mineral, still water.

You can build a diet like this:

  • Drink only water for 1 day.
  • Day 2 - fermented milk drink.
  • Day 3 - tea, juice.

Drinks consumed can be combined.

You can use this type of weight loss course once within a month. Drinking a diet for 3 days will help not only get rid of a certain amount of extra pounds, but also help cleanse the body.

Drinking diet for 7 days

This is not to say that a drinking diet for a week is the most difficult option. But you also need to prepare for it in advance. The result of losing weight is minus 7 kg.

Drinks during this diet must be combined. You can plan the menu yourself.

Important! A 7-day weight loss course involves drinking plenty of water without gas, mineral water up to 1. 5-2 liters. in a day. When you feel hungry, you need to drink fluids.

A sample menu for this diet is as follows:

  • Day 1 - non-fat dairy and fermented milk drinks.
  • Day 2 - drink only broth.
  • Day 3 - juices diluted with water.
  • Day 4 - tea.
  • Day 5 - fruit jelly is not sweet.
  • Day 6 - the compote is not sweet.
  • Day 7 - only juices.
what drinks can you drink on a drinking diet

Drinking diet for 14 days

Drinking diet for 2 weeks, like other varieties, involves only drinking. It is allowed to think over the menu on your own, using the products allowed for this diet.

It is worth knowing that there is an additional allowed dish during weight loss - stew or vegetable puree soup, but only once a day. Suitable for these dishes:

  • broccoli;
  • carrot;
  • sweet pepper;
  • turnip;
  • tomatoes;
  • cauliflower;
  • celery;
  • greens.

This recipe for a drinking diet is as follows. Chop the necessary vegetables, pour 1 liter into them. broth and cook until cooked. After that, turn off the gas, transfer the vegetables to the blender bowl and chop.

To make the menu a little more varied, you can make a milkshake with fresh berries and fruits.

Calculation of the calorie content of drinking products is necessary. Daily amount of calories is 1200 - 1400.

Drinking diet for 30 days

Before embarking on a full course, it is imperative to visit a doctor. The specialist will be able to prescribe the necessary complexes of vitamins so that the body is provided with all the microelements it needs.

Drinking diet for a month means consuming the following foods daily:

  • kefir / yogurt;
  • juice / compote;
  • chamomile tea, cream soup;
  • oatmeal jelly;
  • kefir.

When losing weight, you must also control the stool.

It is difficult to hold out for the whole month on this weight loss system. Therefore, the use of vegetable puree soup is allowed. This dish will help control hunger.

It is also important to drink enough water every day - you need to drink up to 2 liters every day. mineral water without gas.

Chocolate Drinking Diet

The Chocolate Drinking Diet is based on the drinking and chocolate diets. Bitter hot chocolate is allowed. The daily norm is 150 g of chocolate. This volume must be divided by 3-4 times.

Important! Replacing dark chocolate with other types is unacceptable.

Cocoa made without fat milk is also allowed.

Drinking enough water is also important while on this diet. In addition to ordinary water, tea, herbal decoctions are allowed.

The duration of this weight loss course is a maximum of a week. The approximate result is a loss of up to 7 kg. weight. You can repeat the course again only after 3 - 4 months.

chocolate drinking diet for weight loss

Getting out of the drinking diet

How to get out of a drinking diet? It is important to be gradual here. The exit phase should last 2 times longer than the diet itself. That is, if the course was designed for 3 days, then you need to leave the diet for 6 days.

You should not immediately lean on prohibited foods (flour, fatty, spicy). Also, don't go back to solid foods right away. In the first days after the end of the diet, solid food can be for breakfast.

Next, you need to gradually start eating your usual food for lunch. It will take your body a few days to get used to a normal meal.

And only after that, you need to start eating solid food for dinner.

How to sustain a drinking diet?

Many people ask the question "How not to break off a drinking diet? "The most important step is diet preparation. It is necessary for several weeks before starting to adhere to a diet, increase the volume of daily drinking, remove prohibited foods from the menu. It is also advisable to completely abandon sauces and seasonings. It is better to steam the dishes at the preparatory stage.

During the diet, the permitted foods must be consumed every few hours in portions of 200 g. In between meals, you must drink water.

Everyone can adapt this diet for themselves. Based on your own tastes, you can compose yourself a menu yourself from the permitted products.

How much can you lose on a drinking diet?

The result of how much you can lose weight on a drinking diet depends on several factors: the duration of the course, calorie content and overweight.

As mentioned above, when losing weight, it is necessary to track the calorie content of the drink. This figure should not be more than 1400.

Only for a fasting day can you get rid of an average of 2 kg. For a week - from 7.

The full course of the diet will allow you to get rid of almost all extra pounds. You just need to understand exactly how many kilograms you need to lose and control the weight during the process of losing weight, so as not to inadvertently get rid of the necessary kilograms.

how many kilograms can you lose weight on a drinking diet

Features of the first day of the diet

With a long course of losing weight, you should know: the first day will be the hardest day. This is due to the fact that the proposed diet is unacceptable for the body.

Therefore, the main principle is slowness. It is advisable to carry out a gradual preparation of the body, since with such diets, the stress is too great for it.

During the first day, there will certainly be a desire to refresh yourself repeatedly. Most likely, you will feel a breakdown, the mood will not be too favorable.

In addition, do not forget that a drinking diet helps the body to cleanse itself. Therefore, plaque on the tongue, bad breath and other unpleasant phenomena will be present.

What can you drink on a drinking diet?

Grocery list:

  • Water. Necessarily non-carbonated, mineral.
  • Bouillon. You can use different - fish, vegetable, meat.
  • Milk products. It is better to choose fermented milk drinks.
  • Juices. They should always be prepared fresh.
  • Tea. You can drink different varieties, with the addition of milk or lemon. The tea must be not sweet.
  • Kissel from oats.
  • Berry or fruit compotes, jelly, not sweet.
  • With a long diet, puree soup is allowed.
  • With a chocolate-drinking diet, cocoa is allowed.

Reviews on the results of the drinking diet

Many people speak positively about the drinking diet, as they really see the result. True, many say that it is quite difficult to hold out on such a diet. Although if you prepare correctly, during the 1 month diet, you can additionally consume vitamin complexes, then it is quite possible to sustain the diet.