Diet for pancreatitis

dietary soup with croutons for pancreatitis

Diet for pancreatitis is an important component of the treatment of the inflammatory process in the pancreas. It is also necessary to adhere to the restrictions in the diet prescribed by the doctor for the chronic type of pathology, since at this stage the ailment can worsen and the general symptoms with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract will return.

As part of the diet, patients need to reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the diet, but proteins need to be increased. Also, doctors recommend excluding fried foods and ingredients with coarse fiber.

The pancreas allows the digestive tract to function normally due to the enzymes that it produces and secretes into the duodenum. Iron also synthesizes the hormones insulin and glucagon, which are involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

One of the reasons for the development of pancreatic pathology is the excessive consumption of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. That is why, with pancreatitis, it is important to choose healthy and natural products, especially with an exacerbation of the disease.

General diet rules

When such a pathology is detected, the doctor tells the patient what can be eaten with pancreatitis and how to eat right.

In the first few days after an exacerbation, a person needs to refrain from taking any food, he can only drink water and decoctions from rosehip berries. Hunger is needed in order to normalize the secretion of enzymes. If the patient eats abundantly in the first days of exacerbation, then the secretion of enzymes that are activated in the gland, provoking inflammation, progresses.

In the chronic form of the disease, the patient also needs periodic fasting to give the pancreas rest. This will provide long-term remission without inflammation. Therefore, diets are used both as a measure of therapy and as a preventive measure.

The diet for pancreatitis in adults consists in observing table number 5, according to which it is necessary to abandon foods that provoke the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and lead to excessive activity of pancreatic enzymes. As part of this diet, food for pancreatitis should be consumed according to the following rules:

  • eat at least 5 times a day;
  • you can not starve or overeat;
  • portions should be small;
  • moderate food temperature;
  • the list of products that are allowed to be consumed is provided by the attending physician;
  • dishes must be cooked in a steam bath, boiled or baked, but not fried;
  • up to 3 eggs can be consumed per week, preferably only protein;
  • reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks, strong tea and alcohol;
  • monitor the daily balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

As mentioned earlier, the menu for pancreatitis in the first few days consists only of water. On the following days, when the patient has become a little better, you can add tea with dried breads, soup or milk porridge, an omelet made from egg whites only, which is cooked in a steam bath, to the diet.

After a week, the menu becomes more extensive. You can add low-fat cottage cheese, vegetarian liquid meals, or vegetable side dishes. Then, the doctors are allowed to add fish and white meat in the form of meatballs and cutlets.

The patient adheres to such a diet for six months or a year until a stable remission, but then it is also better to follow proper nutrition and not abuse foods that can provoke stomach irritation.

Allowed Products

In the acute form of pancreatitis, doctors prescribe proper nutrition to patients and tell them what to eat. In order to quickly and effectively eliminate the ailment and subsequently not provoke inflammation, you need to adhere to a certain dietary table, within which it is advisable for the patient to consume the following healthy and fresh foods:

  • vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, beets, green peas;
  • fruits - strawberries, sweet apples, pineapples, avocados;
  • fermented milk - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream;
  • lean fish and meat dishes;
  • eggs - no more than 3 pieces per week;
  • cereals, cereals, pasta;
  • dried bread products, biscuits, non-yeast and non-sweet products;
  • drinks - light green tea, compote, jelly, herbal and rosehip infusions.

The patient should listen to the doctor's recommendations until a stable remission occurs. The menu can be gradually expanded and new permitted products will be added.

Prohibited products

Doctors categorically prohibit the use of certain foods before remission occurs, however, even in the absence of manifestations of the disease, doctors do not recommend to abuse them.

Dishes for pancreatitis should not include such foods:

  • broth with fatty meat, fish, mushrooms;
  • first courses with the addition of wheat porridge and white cabbage;
  • beetroot soup, salted cabbage soup, okroshka, borscht;
  • fried and smoked ingredients;
  • products made from fatty meats and fish;
  • margarine, butter, lard, lard;
  • various sauces;
  • mustard, horseradish, garlic, onions;
  • sausage and canned food;
  • mushrooms;
  • spices and hot spices;
  • freshly baked rye bread products;
  • yeast baked goods, sweets with cream;
  • chocolate products and ice cream;
  • soda, alcohol;
  • grapes, figs, citrus fruits, cranberries.
prohibited foods for pancreatitis

It is undesirable to eat products that contain flavorings, additives and preservatives. From dairy products, it is forbidden to eat curds in glaze, cottage cheese with a high percentage of fat, smoked and salted cheeses. It is better to choose natural and homemade milk, cream and butter, rather than store-bought.

Nutrition with pancreatitis of the pancreas also strictly excludes alcoholic beverages from the menu, since in 40% of cases the etiology of the disease is associated with alcohol. Drinking alcohol in a chronic form of the disease can lead to an increased risk of relapse, and as a result, severe functional and anatomical disorders in the gland occur.

Pancreatitis menu

From the above approved ingredients for pancreatitis, you can prepare many dishes if you know how to combine them correctly. Such proper nutrition will not only help get rid of the inflammatory process, transfer the disease to the stage of remission, but also significantly improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and even lose extra pounds.

Allowed and recommended dishes for pancreatitis include:

  • egg white omelet on a steam bath;
  • lean meat soufflĂ©;
  • meat and fish dumplings with the addition of cream and eggs;
  • rice first courses;
  • vegetarian puree;
  • rolled oats and buckwheat;
  • apple desserts;
  • compotes and fruit drinks from wild rose berries, currants, cranberries;
  • weakly brewed tea;
  • fresh beet juice.

A diet for pancreatitis and an approximate menu for a week is prescribed by a gastroenterologist or nutritionist. The main condition for preparing dishes is not to fry food, not to use fats, spicy ingredients, smoked meats and various spices.

Before going to bed, doctors recommend drinking kefir, yogurt or boiled water with honey, eating raisins or prunes. These foods will help prevent constipation and your bowels will be able to defecate in time.