How to lose weight without harm to health: helpful hints

It is not necessary to look at the covers of glossy magazines, which shows skinny models. As a rule, they are ruining their health, for lunch to smoke a couple of cigarettes. Get ready physically and mentally to the process of losing weight, increase Hiking, instead of the bus walk a few stops on foot. Planting the idea that soon you will completely change the way of life, and become that person. Tune in a positive way.

You can't play for 3 months from 20 kg., weight loss should occur gradually. The ideal option is weight loss over a period of 6 months or more (assuming 10+ extra pounds). Experts in the field of dietetics equate speedy getting rid of excess weight for a shock . Because the body is immersed in an imbalance and stress, the long-awaited weight loss will not bring you joy for specific reasons. Let's consider them in more detail.

Negative effects of weight loss for a short period of time

  1. A sharp change in body mass contributes to slow and abnormal metabolism. Internal organs can not so quickly rebuilt in a new way, causing malfunctions. The body of years of accumulated fats, and when there is a sharp weight reduction automatically slows down metabolism (as a consequence of a defensive reaction). Then you again start to eat normally, not overeating and not eating forbidden foods. However, the body re-accelerates metabolism and delays in your margin to 2 times more fat. In this way he tries to compensate for the losses. For these reasons, the strongly people who lose weight often return to their previous weight and add on top of 4-5 kg. "a gift".
  2. The liver is exposed to excessive load. Not many people think about how much passes through the liver in an attempt to rid the body of harmful substances. The main function of this internal organ cleansing the body from decay products and toxins. With moderate weight loss liver cope with the load and successfully disposes of waste. If the weight reduction takes place rapidly, this leads to poisoning of the body and slagging because the body physically cannot cope with the task.
  3. In addition to a slow metabolism, and disorders of the liver, rapid weight loss leaves behind hanging skin. Remove it not so easy, this is due to the lack of collagen and elastin fibers, which also did not have time to adapt to these changes. First of all, the impact is felt on the face, abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.
  4. The abuse of strict diet develops vitamin deficiency. For example, vitamin D is created for assimilation and the digestion of fats, if your diet is insufficient, vitamin D won't digest. The same applies to hair and nails, skin, teeth and gums, which depend on the vitamins of different groups. You attack the peeling of the epidermis, dull hair, brittle nails and General appearance will decline immune system. The body cannot produce antibodies that protect against viruses and bacteria.
  5. Due to the sharp weight loss starts jumping blood pressure, compounded by the memory, the person experiences a lack of energy and apathy appears. In cases where you're on a diet with a low content of fast and slow carbohydrates, there is a shortage of glucose. Scarcity leads to starvation of the tissues of the brain, weakening of vascular and muscle tone. Man starts torturing headache, which soon turns into a migraine. Fatigue leads to impaired attention and weakening of the organism as a whole.
How to lose weight without harming your health1

Do not starve

In any case meal. The recommendation is particularly relevant for people suffering from heart disease, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, diabetes, tuberculosis. In the latter two cases, the weight loss ends in death. As a result of fasting fat is broken down only 18-22%, the volume of leaves due to reduction of water, proteins, salts and minerals that are needed by the body for proper functioning.

What causes refusal to eat

  1. The body begins to swell due to protein deficiency. The absorption liquid, if long time to sit on a hard diet that involves only eating fruit and vegetables, dairy products (drinking), buckwheat. Since food contains little protein, the body cannot absorb them into the bloodstream as before.
  2. Due to heavy losses of minerals disrupted the heart, there is a partial blockage of blood vessels, the deteriorating state of the endocrine and nervous system. According to statistics publicized after the hard methods of weight loss for the recovery of the body will require more than 1.5 years.
  3. With a sharp weight loss starts exacerbation of chronic diseases. The person who drops the weight begins to have an ardent hunger, appear severe headache (particularly migraine), significantly reduced performance and alertness.
  4. After some time on the tongue a white or yellow plaque, urine has the distinct smell of acetone, indicating that the development of acidosis.
  5. The skin on the whole body begins to peel, despite the large water content in the body. Nail plate exfoliates and breaks, the hair lose their luster and fall out intensively.
  6. Because electrolyte imbalances are common cramps, start fainting, disturbed blood flow and reduced the tonus of the vascular system.
How to lose weight without harming your health2

How to lose weight without harm to health

After studying the effects of food refusal and dramatic weight loss, you obviously present a dire picture. To avoid this, learn some important aspects and recommendations.

Stage # 1. Follow the drinking regime

During the struggle with excess weight it is necessary not only to drink more, but to do it right. Drink at least a 2.6—3.0 litres of fluid per day, of which at least 2 liter should be pure water (filtered or mineral without gas).

It must forever abandon the use in juice packs, fruit drinks of dubious composition, carbonated beverages, black tea (not sheet). Drink purified water, fresh diluted juices (50:50), green and herbal tea. Homemade compote to drink, but in moderation and without sugar. Pure coffee must be diluted with low-fat milk.

Drink before each meal 350 ml water with lemon juice. Water is the source of healthy skin and proper functioning of internal organs, it saturates the body with moisture, resulting in accelerated metabolism and easier to digest food. Drink no cold water, only room temperature. In the summer you can drink it warm, in order to quickly quench your thirst.

How to lose weight without harming your health3 Stage 2. Take a course of vitamins

Any weight loss one way or another is stress to the body. No matter, you sit on a diet or eat a fractional, small portions. The slightest change is introduced the body is confusing, the reason why it is harder is reconstructed in a different way. To help internal organs, it is necessary 1 time in 4 months to take a course of multivitamins for General health.

Typically, the technique lasts for 2 months, therefore you need to buy about 2 packs (60 tablets). In addition, buy badger or fish oil, they have a beneficial effect on the lungs, skin, hair, nails, teeth. The withdrawal of mucus from the respiratory tract (especially important for smokers), stabilize the HELL and the heart.

Stage # 3. Sports

Physical activity is not recommended for people sitting on the hard exhausting diets. As we have already discussed the negative effects of weight loss such, you sport is not contraindicated. Join a gym or aerobic room, start to run in the evenings (after 18.00) or purchase the bike.

Girls are encouraged to sign up for dancing, stretching (stretching), Pilates (breathing aerobics), swimming pool, gym. It is important that the sport has not been a burden, only then will physical activity along with proper nutrition will lead to proper weight loss.

Stage # 4. Adjust daily diet

Proper weight loss does not involve strict requirements and restrictions, you only need to change the menu that it had all the necessary micro - and macronutrients, minerals, vitamins. Below are the important aspects that in conjunction with a course of multivitamins and proper mode of drinking will help to get rid of the hated pounds without any harm to health.

  1. Start to keep a diary, write in it the menu for the 7 days forward. Then make a list of necessary products and go shopping. Always keep the fridge full of healthy food to avoid harmful snacking.
  2. Search the web for a table of the energy value of the products and the proceeds from it. Calculate the allowable rate of caloric content for your figure, follow the rules. Count the calories, make the menu in such a way as not to go beyond. For example, if your allowed to consume 2000 Kcal, it means that this number must be added another 500 Calories and burn them through physical activity.
  3. Remember, the basis of nutrition — frequency of eating (at least 5 times a day). Eat little and often, 1 meal the body absorbs no more than 450 Kcal, therefore, count portions, based on this indicator.
  4. Do not sit behind the Desk later in the evening, follow a biological clock. Extreme meal should be no later than 4 hours before retiring to bed. Dinner should consist of light products. Every day eat at least 400 gr. fresh vegetables and 350 gr. fruit.
  5. Totally eliminate from the menu semi-homemade twist and pickles, salami and TRANS fats (fast food, dumplings, ready meals). It is better to eat fish and meat, they are longer to digest (3-4 hours), which allows you to keep the feeling of satiety. Always remove meat from the skin.
  6. Once in the middle of the week start unloading. Not fast at this time, eat light foods. These include fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables, steamed in their own juice.
  7. Gradually reduce the portions, you should not do this immediately, reduce the amount eaten gradually. For example, in the first week reduce 100 Kcal, the second — 150. The stomach holds about 300 gr. food, in all other cases, it stretches. Try to make so that the portion of food was placed in a glass.
  8. Re kusy between meals. For this purpose, suitable nuts, milk, fruits, cereals. Do not eat meals while watching TV, concentrate on the process, being in silence.
  9. Get a steamer , cook meals in foil bags or for baking using the oven.
  10. Watch carefully to the daily menu contained as much calcium. Eat low-fat hard cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Drink juices with celery (fresh). Do not forget the right carbohydrates that are contained in the porridge, cereals and legumes.

Shed weight gradually, stay healthy, drink plenty of fluids. Work out, eat protein foods, the right carbs, fruits and vegetables.