Exercise for weight loss hands

Problem areas are called so for a reason, besides the external signs of imperfection, they last for correction. In this article we will look at how to deal with problem areas and also make the complex of exercises for weight loss hands which you can easily do at home.

Weight loss in a specific area. Myth or reality?

There is an opinion that with the help of special exercises, you can lose weight in a specific area. If you still think – I hasten to say that this is the real myth. To lose weight in a specific area, you must lose fat everywhere.

The appearance of problem areas contributes to poor diet and inactive lifestyle. Hands or any other area will never be complete compared to the whole body, if you follow the calorie and balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle.

In other words, compliance with diet will help you to lose weight quickly in the problem area (in the hands), and the exercises will work on her appearance: that his hand was taut . Most women have weak muscles of the triceps, the result of the lower part loose, like pudding.

Exercise for weight loss hands1

Exercise for weight loss hands – as they should be

Many girls are afraid of exercise like the plague, thinking that they will make their muscular arms. Do not confuse classes for weight loss and muscle gain. Unlike the last exercise for weight loss not so radical, more like a more thorough version of the charge or the school of warm-up. Their advantage is that they allow you to work the point, to focus on those problem areas that need correction.

Top 10 exercises for slimming arm

Here are the most simple from exercises, slimming of the arms, which do not involve the use of special shells or athletic trainers, the only exception is the dumbbell.

Exercises for arms without dumbbells

The classic pushup is the most effective way to fight excess fat are concentrated on the forearms and back, and at the same time improve the shape of the arms and chest. The beginning of classes must be gentle – not more than three approaches with 10-15 repetitions. In the beginning you will be hard to wring out from the floor, so use a couch or chair, on which are fixed feet. Hands could be put on width of shoulders, and (in this case, the load more on the triceps – the problem area for most women).

The reverse pushup is the best exercise for tuning the hands, which strengthens the weak muscles of the triceps, making the contours more fit. Sit on the edge of the sofa and stretch your hands behind. Put down the buttocks. Do push-UPS until until your shoulders are parallel to the floor, return to the starting position. Do several sets of 10-15 reps.

Swings arms – very effective as a warm-up before a more thorough exercises and by themselves to lose weight. Do a series of Mach in horizontal and vertical planes. This exercise also committed approaches each is done to 50 vigorous strokes.

Strap with a push-up is a unique exercise, which gives tone several muscle groups. Take a horizontal position, stretch the body, leaning on elbows/forearms and socks feet. The position should be so that one can mentally draw a straight line from head to toe. Stomach. Slowly stand up, leaning on hands, immediately go back to focusing on his palms. Do 15 repetitions.

Squeezing hands is one more exercise for weight loss hands and improve the breast shape is borrowed from yoga. Sitting in the pose of Turkish (optional), raise your arms so that your elbows are bent at a right angle, and your palms pressed against each other. With the power sdave the palm of your hand for about 20-30 seconds. To rasslabit hands and repeat the exercise several times, changing their position.

Quidam burpees, perhaps the most effective exercise for weight loss . It will involve almost all muscle groups, the maximum loading of the upper part of the body (which is especially important for women with excess weight in the shoulders and hands). This training increases the metabolism, helping to burn maximum amount of fat.

The exercise consists of the sequential execution of movements:

  • take a squat position, hands position in front of you;
  • jump feet back, take a position for push-UPS;
  • do push-UPS;
  • go back to the squat position;
  • maximum jump up, returning to the starting position.

Exercises for the arms with dumbbells

Dumbbell bench press because of the head – exercise to strengthen the muscles of the triceps. Standing or sitting on a chair, holding two hands on the dumbbell, pulling them up. Then bending your elbows and bringing the head, hold them there for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position. Work only elbow joints.

Breeding hands standing – in this exercise, the more involved the top of the shoulders. Standing in and grab the dumbbell and put it down along the body, hand slightly expand inside. Slowly spread your arms out to the sides to shoulder level, return to starting position. Execute the specified number of times.

The extension of the hands in the slope is another effective exercise for losing weight and strengthening the muscles of the hands. Get your hands on the dumbbells and take the standing position, the body a little inclined forward, and the elbows bent at a right angle. On the exhale, straighten your elbows, hold for a moment, get back on the inhale in the starting position. Make sure the hands moved smoothly, without jerks and wobble. Be sure to do a pause at the top.

Exercise for weight loss hands2

Lifting dumbbells is a great exercise gives tone to the muscles of the biceps, tightens and contours without pumping (with a large number of reps with low weight). Get your hands on dumbbells and put in the position of the arm. Elbows try to keep as close as possible to the body. Palm to expand so that they are at the bottom looked at each other. Now start to lift one dumbbell until it reaches shoulder level (brush during the ascent, needs to wriggle out). Slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position, then raise the dumbbell with your other hand. Do 20 reps for each hand.

Stretching exercises of the hands

Always finish exercise by stretching, which not only helps relieve tension but also helps to improve the contours of the hands to make them appear more fluid and graceful. Complete the following exercises:

  • take hands in a lock behind his back and pulling muscles for 30 seconds;
  • bring one hand forward and pull her to his second hand;
  • again, out of nowhere a hand to lock and pull up;
  • bend one arm at the elbow and take her head, pull her by the elbow second hand.

These exercises to lose weight hand, there are other positive side. For example, push-UPS are very useful not only for getting rid of excess weight, but to improve shape of the breast. A nice bonus, I agree!