Exercise for weight loss men

To cope with the extra weight, you need to combine a balanced diet with special exercises for weight loss for men and weight training. With regular practice you will be able to banish the extra pounds from your body and get a beautiful figure.

How to organize home workouts man

The key to the effectiveness of classroom – their regularity, so you can exercise at least 3 times a week. Training lasts for 50-60 minutes. After completion of the exercise program for weight loss for men for 2 hours nothing to eat, after 2 hours eat something low-fat, protein and low in carbohydrates are also good meat or fish, and also cheese.

Any home workout needs to begin with the cardio load. It would be ideal to do aerobic exercise in the fresh air. In the summer they can be running, walking, swimming, Cycling, jumping rope. Winter – run or ski trip. Indoor activities include aerobics, run in place, jump. Well, if you have a cardio machine – a treadmill, exercise bike, ellipsoid, stepper, rowing machine or another.

Performing cardio exercises for weight loss men should take at least 20 minutes – this is to ensure that the body burned the stock carb, and for a further exercise was forced to produce energy from its own fat.

Exercise for weight loss men1

Perform each exercise in 3-4 approach of 20-30 reps. Between sets rest no more than 30 seconds.

It is obvious that all the exercises are quite difficult to include in one workout, so break them into blocks. For example, alternate training consisting of exercises for different muscle groups and exercises for weight loss men. Your training schedule might look like this:

  • complex 1: running, exercises for arms, back and shoulders, crunches and leg lifts, Hoop;
  • complex 2: jumping rope and running in place, exercises for legs, buttocks and lower back, bending, sit-UPS, static exercises.

A set of exercises for weight loss for men

1. Start your workout with simple but effective exercises – the slopes of the body forward, backward and to the side and rotate the housing from the position directly from the position in the slope with arms stretched to the sides. When you run this block of exercises ensure that the back was straight, shoulders not raised, the pelvis is not dropped back, but was served a little forward. To complicate this exercise, you can, picking up a dumbbell.

2. Squats is an effective exercise for weight loss men and to work out the leg muscles and buttocks. Follow these 2 kinds of squats:

  • classic squats – are performed from a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, weight their dumbbells or a backpack, try to sit down when you get the knee over the toe, and instead output the pelvis back like you sit on a chair;
  • squats from the rack with legs wide apart – pointing to the sides, when you sit down your knees are pushed apart, the pelvis is fixed.

To reduce fat deposits on the sides run from the "sit in sumo", the slopes of the body to the right and to the left, holding outstretched hands above the head, the shoulders and the body keep straight and not fall forward.

When performing squats you can use dumbbells or a backpack.

Exercise for weight loss men2

3. To work your arm, chest and back are great exercise for weight loss men how pushups. They can be accomplished in two ways: wide grip with the breeding of elbows to the sides and a narrow grip with elbows excretion ago. Each of them trains different muscle groups.

How to remove belly fat male exercise

Special attention is to be given weight loss in the abdominal area is one of the most problematic areas. How to remove belly fat male exercise?

1. First, accelerate the blood and warm up with jumping squat is a very effective exercise for weight loss men and women. Deep squat, touch floor with palms sharply and you jump up as high as possible.

2. To work out the abdominal muscles and reduce fat deposits in the abdomen will help of exercises. They are divided into several blocks: crunches, leg lifts and body statics.

Crunches are performed from the supine position, feet shoulder width apart, bent at the knees, feet on floor, hands behind his head. Twisting is lifting your shoulders and shoulder blades above the floor up the muscles of the abdomen (straight), rise upwards in a diagonal right or left (slant), or the rise of the pelvis and pulling up the legs to the abdomen (back).

Leg lifts are an effective exercise for weight loss men for lower abs. They are performed from a prone position on his back, arms stretched along the body, legs straight. Raise legs to a position 90 degrees with the floor and lower. First perform lifts both feet simultaneously and then sequentially. Then lock the position of the feet at the top and lift the torso to the legs, stretch hands to the feet to touch.

The most effective static exercise for weight loss belly for men and women is "bar". It runs from the support position. The hands rest on the forearms, with elbows positioned under shoulders. Feet toes resting on the floor. Lift the body and hold for 30 seconds its on the rise. Ensure that neither the back nor the neck nor the buttocks or knees do not bend – your body should form a completely straight line.

Perform the "plank" several times the complexity of the exercise. Sign in "bar", then lift your right hand off the floor and straighten it, leading up. Over hand right turn and body – in the end you need to turn the shoulders perpendicular to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, return to starting position and perform on the other side.

3. An extremely effective exercise for weight loss belly for men are familiar to all since school "scissors." They are performed from the supine position and represent vertical and horizontal cross movement straight legs raised to 30-50 degrees above the floor.

4. Another effective exercise to get rid of belly – running in place in push-up position. It is also called "the Iceman". Stand in the position of "bar". Bend your right leg at the knee and pull your knee toward your chest, snatched the sock from the floor. Return to starting position and repeat on the left leg.

Completion of training At the end of training after the completion of the complex of exercises for weight loss for men in 5-10 minutes, spin the Hoop. It not only breaks up the fat deposits, but also, being an effective cardio exercise speeds up metabolism and promotes increased calorie consumption. To increase the effectiveness of the sessions and reduce fatigue with muscle will help bath (especially where you will bathe with a broom), massage or even a cold shower, which will increase blood flow and improve muscle tone and skin, preventing it from sagging after weight loss.