Experience in the use of Chocolate Slim

This story shared with us a resident of Paris, Amelie. Much recovered after the birth, she found on the Internet a delicious tool for weight loss Chocolate Slim. Instructions for use and composition of this drink explained to her how to drink and how many times a day to take.

review from Paris Ameli Chocolate Slim

Hello my dear readers! Today my review is Chocolate Slim for weight loss – my experiment with the tools for weight loss. I've tried, but by this way I just could not pass up. Most people love chocolate, and as for me, I just love it. I used to have no day can not live without candies and other sweets, and this unfortunately has a bad effect on my body. Several times I tried to sit on diets, but after a few days started to break them, because the authorities couldn't cope with my cravings for sweets.

What was my joy when I learned of the existence of Chocolate Slim, the use of which not only leads to weight gain, but and even helps to lose weight. I'm talking about Chocolate Slim. I found this product in the online store, he has attracted me with its natural composition, easy to use and useful properties. Feedback was not much, so I decided to buy Chocolate Slim and try it for yourself.

My review Chocolate Slim slimming Chocolate Slim

The word hot chocolate just seems sweet and fatty foods, which is very harmful to the body. But Chocolate Slim is irrelevant. Chocolate Slim slimming has the form of a powder, which is used to prepare healthy drink by color and taste resembling cocoa.

The powder obtained was Packed in a bright and beautiful cardboard box. One pack contains 110 grams of the dry beverage that will last for month course. On the back of the box has product information and detailed instructions on its use.

Part Chocolate Slim

I'm always very attentive to what I eat and be sure to study the composition of new products. Chocolate Slim for weight loss is no exception, I found out that it is a completely natural remedy, which consists of six ingredients:

  • cocoa;
  • Goji berries;
  • Chia seeds;
  • berries Assai;
  • green coffee beans;
  • the extract of the fungus Lingzhi.

All these ingredients are well known, I have heard of them, and each of them is unique and incredibly useful by itself, however, Chocolate Slim components are chosen so that they complement and reinforce each other's action.

Chocolate Slim does not contain in its composition artificial additives, dyes and preservatives, therefore its use cannot cause harm to human health.

How does Chocolate Slim for weight loss

This unusual complex has absorbed all the best of the ingredients included in its composition, so its use has on the body a complex action:

  1. fights viruses and germs, enhances immunity;
  2. improves brain function, heart and blood vessels;
  3. has beneficial effects on the digestive system;
  4. slows the aging process;
  5. helps eliminate toxins;
  6. reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Another amazing feature that makes Chocolate Slim so attractive for millions of people, and for me in particular, is the ability to boost the slimming process. The product works in two ways:

  • dulls the sense of hunger,
  • reduces appetite and reduces cravings for sweets, causing a man stops to put on weight;

Also complex fights causes of excess weight, starting in the body program natural splitting of fat cells, reduce existing fat deposits.

As a result, the weight decreases gradually, but efficiently, without stress and without harm to the body.

How to apply Chocolate Slim for weight loss

In accordance with the instruction manual, should be dissolved in boiled water in the proportions of 2-3 teaspoons per Cup of liquid. After about half an hour you need to drink the real thing.

The resulting drink you need to drink daily in the morning after a meal, but not more than three cups a day. Better not to use Chocolate Slim in the evening because it has a tonic effect and can affect sleep.

The rate of application is 3-4 weeks. After a month break, it can be repeated.

Contraindications to the use of Chocolate Slim for weight loss

Although Chocolate Slim safe and completely natural product, from its use it is better to abstain for the following categories of people:

  • persons, whose age has not reached the age of sixteen;
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • individuals who have intolerance of separate components of the product.

My impressions Chocolate Slim for weight loss

I did everything as written in the instructions and saw Chocolate Slim every day after meals. To comply with the rules is not difficult, the beverage to be prepared as easily as tea or coffee and has a very pleasant aroma and taste. It can be consumed as a refreshing drink or as hot, I like both. After a Cup of chocolate chips, I immediately feel a rush of vivacity and good mood. It tastes like normal chocolate with a spicy touch, I thought. And in General I became more vigorous, more time more often with friends, having fun, and even found the strength for a sport, are engaged in the process of weight loss was faster.

As for appetite, he visibly declined. After Breakfast, washed down with a Cup of Chocolate Slim, I don't feel like eating until dinner, so I'm not throwing myself no snacks or unplanned tea parties. It most likely was due to the extra pounds, as for tea I will eat candy or cookies. Desire to eat at night, I now also does not occur. Irresistible sugar cravings are gone too. Now I occasionally eat one candy or cake, and you don't want, even before I was a real sweet tooth. Chocolate Slim replaced my favorite treat – chocolate.

All these changes in my diet has benefited my figure for the first week of taking Chocolate Slim for weight loss I've lost three pounds. Now coming to the end of the month, and on the scales I see almost six kilograms less than at the beginning. I am very happy with these results and hope that the effect will be lasting. I want to lose a few pounds, so later I'll buy another ode pack and repeat the course.


  • pleasant chocolate flavor;
  • natural composition;
  • ease of use;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • helps to abandon harmful products and habits to overeat;
  • charges vigor and energy;
  • has a complex effect on the entire body.

Chocolate Slim was for me a real boon. This product is not only very useful but also helps to become slimmer. However, miracles should not be expected about the sport to forget, too should not! I recommend to try the exerciser for stomach and thighs.